It was published on the Bristol Indymedia site hours before it was disabled by British Transport Police.

It was a gematria analysis of the name Jean Charles de Menezes (de Menezes) is the surname.

[Minutes later addition: The analysis showed that JCdM was intentionally (and oviously selected to be) murdered actually to provide directions.

[2.34 Killing JCdM gave my location

2.48 That’s what it did. That’s why he was murdered.

3.10 Immediately after JCdM’s murder MetPol were making remarks that were directed at me e.g wearing a jacket that was too warm for the weather & jumping over barriers. Later Ian Blair did the “Houston we have a problem.”. This is a reference to surveillance at my home. I will disclose the toy that said “Houston we have a problem”.

3.28 Ian Blair was a total cnut

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