Shall we talk about what’s obvious and accepted?

At least it’s accepted in certain quarters{!} that I have demonstrated it beyond reasonable doubt…

The context is an insane PM in charge of a Fascist regime – isn’t that what it is when there’s a dictatorial leader that cannot countenance any dissent and the police are inseparable from the government? Isn’t that what it is when the big, fat [4/10/15 edit: , totally ridiculous twat of a} policeman is a political appointee and so keen to kill people who oppose the glorious leader? [4/10/15 That absolute New Labour arse was promoted by Blunkett on a pretext]. Well c’mon there are lessons from history here. You have an authoritarian leader and any effective dissent must be crushed with that Fascist boot.

Was it not so in 2005? The glorious war leader was not so glorious. Wasn’t he actually unglorious? Didn’t they need that Fascist deed … that history tells us that they go for?

ed: There is a key

[4/10/15 and isn’t that key so obvious? Weren’t so many people aware then? There are contemporary accounts. Things like – paraphrased – you are such an absolute useless New Labour Fascist ****. ] You won’t get it all, but there’s enough in the public domain. He was on a nasty mission of persecuting a particular political activist for being an effective political activist attacking the un/glorious leader.]

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Shall we have some straight talking about terrorism for a change?

Terrorism is used to scare people to conform. It is about governments controlling people through fear and paranoia. Aren’t governments the real terrorists – the ones that control people through fear?

How many people, what proportion do they need to be scared ****less? Watch more television, you’ll get scared, stay indoors and get obese and controlled. That’s allright security services just need far more resources to keep you scared indoors fight terrrism.

Do you really believe or accept that 911 was not made for television? That it was not a spectacle directed and produced in the way that movies are produced? that it was not a blockbuster? Wasn’t it a cable-TV extravaganza?

I’m glad that I don’t watch television or movies BS. Is that reality for you? Is that all it takes? So you watch television and it makes you credulous / incredulous / stupid / moranic? (yes I know I saw a photo }

Actually so many people know that it’s total BS. So many people know that it’s total BS in the same way that they have had no other way to express themselves …

It’s people who have not even had any exposure to the argument. They just know it’s carp. They’re used to the television and the corporate media. They know that it can’t be trusted. They know that it is fiction and that television news is entertainment just like movies. I may be wrong (mistaken) but … praps I’m not.

It’s actually very refreshing. I decided long ago that I wasn’t interested in convincing people. It’s really great that there are all these people who are anyway unbelieving.

If people accept everything that they see on television then there’s no helping them. There is a very non-PC term for these people which I suppose was very prevalent in the 70s and 80s.

If people have a functioning brain then they probably don’t watch television.

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A suggestion

That 9/11 is exposed as what it was.

Can those that believe in justice please participate and ed: donate participate?

4.26am edit: I suppose that is difficult since it has been accepted as the dominant ideology. It has been adopted by all major states since it serves their purpose. People are controlled through their irrational and unjustified fear.

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Be afraid

Don’t talk to anyone because everyone else is weird. Don’t talk to anyone.

Don’t enjoy yourselves. Be so afraid that you just consume. You know that consumption is GOOD.

Be so afraid that you don’t ever venture out from your scared existence.

Keep your kids in because it’s dangerous out there – it’s soo dangerous. Don’t let them out because it’s dangerous.

Don’t ever meet anyone because it’s dangerous outside your home and they have dangerous ideas.

Don’t talk to anyone because everyone else is dangerous and weird and have funny ideas that are challenging.

Relax and know that you are doing the right thing. Consuming and being scared – instead of taking part in society.

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Terrorism BS must be recognised and exposed as Fascism

This is what I am proposing:

The Terrorism narrative is excessively exaggerated and is intended to control people through fear to support an authoritarian right-wing agenda. It is further intended to scare people to support a right-wing agenda that supports a particular right-wing Fascist state.

ed: Real Socialists should make this point loud and clear. It is so ridiculously ridiculous. People are scared by this ridiculous BS when there is probably more danger walking on the pavement but definitely riding a bike. That’s not even starting on it being total Fascist BS cr**.

ed: Socialist(?) Are you? C’mon.

ed: While I’m here. UK population haven’t had anyone to vote for. I’m being polite. Please start taking it seriously. Burnham, Falconer? You were elected as a Socialist FFS.

later: do leader of the opposition get spads? flat there, so many arguments, salary & xpenses.

later later: On second thoughts. It’s very easy. You don’t need a spad to be a Socialist. I’m being polite again. lll: thinking about it, to be YS, YGGYST.

llll: and to think that we campaigned together all those yers ago. I’ve got some issues from then – with cnuts at the time – that need to be resolved. Issues like being persecuted.

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I mean …

If I was to nudge Blunkett in front of a train

I mean just an inperceptible nudge that would be allright wouldn’t it?

I mean there is a difference between terrorism and giving a politician a smack, surely?

Don’t politicians who deserve a smack deserve a smack?

OK. Politicians ore c***s.

If they’re

1. Don’t they deserve a smack?

2. Why should they be protected?

All these cnut politicians, I DESERVE to give them a smack and stamp on their balls and throats. Well I do. Blair, Straw, Reid, Blunkett, that other fat 2 dinners cnut,

[ed: I apologise. I should not be fatist so please read that as the 2 dinners cnut]

They deserve no less than me to stamp on their balls. I have had hobnail boots in the past. I’m sure I can get some on ebay.

ed: They gave me so much siht. They had power. Isn’t it fair that I smack them now? cnuts

Can I be allowed to do it in person? Can I have that we look the other way? Please let me.

Ridiculous asking really. Justice is Justice.

In the same way that I can’t make any complaint to the police about Ian Blair …

then surely … it’s only fair … if the police are not interested …

it looks like the police are not interested

13/9/15 John Reid.

er. What about John Reid? Why did he FO?

ed: Charles Clarke?

I want Ian Blair prosecuted or …


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I would love to get rid of this Tory government.

Nothing would please me more that this government falling.

I don’t know how it can be done. It looks like a general election.

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Having been caught up in it all …

Proper name’s coming back.

Love you all and Corbyn

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Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn

Image of Jeremy Corbyn and Hugo ChavezMy congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and his team. It is good to have a Socialist leading the Labour Party. I sincerely hope that the Labour Party will also turn Socialist.

(ed: I backed him at 8/1 and made a few hundred pounds;)

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It scares them ****less

… that they can’t monitor what I’m doing.

Thank you tor.

The real point is that political activists should not be surveilled in so-called democratic societies.

They shouldn’t have their post so obviously interfered with using endoscopes and they shouldn’t have their internet connections so obviously interfered with in such similar amateur ways.


You could rephrase it “They’re scared …


ed: I find it so ridiculously pathetic just like your manufactured terrorism BS designed to scare people into conformity. Please just FO* because you’re so transparent and ridiculous.

* 11/9/15 edited FU to FO.

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I am supporting the 38degrees campaign against the privatisation of children’s services in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. I would expect expressions of support and apologies for absence to be welcomed.


To: Bristol CCG, Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire CCG, South Gloucestershire Council, North Somerset CCG, North Somerset Council and NHS England

of 6,000 signatures

Campaign created by Nathan Williams

We are calling on the above named organisations to ensure that all the services within the Children’s Community Health Partnership (CCHP) including the Inpatient Adolescent Mental Health Service, continue to be provided together and within the NHS.

Why is this important?

NHS children’s community health services and the inpatient adolescent mental health service in Bristol & South Gloucestershire are in the process of being recommissioned. In the next few weeks the commissioners will announce their ‘preferred bidders’ to run a one-year interim service from April 2016 ahead of a decision about which provider will be awarded a longer-term ‘substantive’ contract. We know private companies are planning to bid to run these services.

There are two reasons why this campaign is vitally important:

Firstly, children and young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire need to get the best possible care and treatment. This means having services which are integrated and can work together, provided by people who are interested in delivering top quality care, not making maximum profit.

Secondly, every time an NHS service in the UK is privatised we are a step closer to a US-style health system which would mean the end of free-at-point-of-need healthcare. The government has just proposed an inquiry into moving to a ‘pay NHS’ – further evidence that this government is not fully committed to a future publicly-owned health service.

We are a group of concerned local people, including service users and NHS staff, who understand how damaging the consequences of moving these services to a private provider could be. We think the principle of ‘people before profit’ in the NHS is fundamental in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and the rest of the UK.

Join our campaign at

or search ‘Protect CCHP’ on Twitter for more information.

How it will be delivered

Petitioners will meet at the Bear Pit in Bristol from 12.15pm on August 26th and walk the very short distance to deliver the petition to the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group. Please join so we can show them the strength of feeling against private companies running these services.

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There is a long history to this blog …

… and actually history before this blog.

You have to look into the archives and do some independent research to understand it all. It should be clear then but possibly not. I gave you a key to understand events – particularly Blair(s) & Co.


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It’s a Cyn

That’s what it’s about.

It’s a Cyn (and I recognise him)


9/8/15 I was excluded from PNC – unsearchable. That’s unheard of for somebody who had/s a record. Policemen who searched for me had a visit.

That’s enough now. It’s clear to me. You may need to reflect on it.

9/8/15 3.15am I would be pleased to make a sworn statement about this.

11/8/15 Please let me try to explain. I happened across it. It happened.

If we apply logic, nonces will make sure that those in the highest office to replace them are also nonces. They’ve got to appoint nonces to replaces them so that they will be safe. Doesn’t that make sense? Isn’t that logical?

You may find that those who are obviously lenient on nonces are either nonces or willing to overlook that to attain high office. …

later: But what’s happened now is that we’ve had a break. Current PM is there by a different route. I am tempted to call it a rupture – the point being that it is different to the previous path. Because of this ‘rupture’, the normal protection of establishment nonces is absent. Savile started it. Normal nonce control would have contained it.

later again edit: I hope that it is a rupture – that never again people will abuse children with impunity.

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Deep Perspective: Historical Abuse

UK news has been concerned recently with cases of historical child abuse. While attention to former prime ministers is welcomed, attention to living ones would be appreciated.

There are cases of historical abuse other than child abuse that need to be addressed. Some individuals belong to both groups. It would be appreciated that those responsible be held to account while they are still of this World. Come to think of it, in transition would be OK too.

12/8/15 These policemen who are investigating this have my sympathy. It’s such an emotive issue, they have to do it properly and since it’s such an emotive issue they seem to be criticised whatever they do. While David Icke was absolutely, totally correct with Savile years or decades before anyone else it’s not down to conspiracists.

It’s not right for anyone to be unfairly cast as a paedo. Recently we’ve had a photo of Heath and Jaconelli. So what – he was a prime minister on an official visit and met the mayor of Scarborough? It’s clearly an official visit. Then there’s counting eleven kids going on his boat and only ten getting off. Well, you just counted them wrong. That’s nonsense. If he was a paedo, then let’s hear it. If he wasn’t, then he wasn’t.

Let’s just let them do it, eh?

3.10am We have credible sources of a minister in the Blair cabinet intervening in a paedophile’s attempt to foster children in Lambeth. Following this story, it appears that Blair was advised before the investigation was abandoned. So there’s an identified but as yet undisclosed minister in Blair’s cabinet being an unashamed and overt supporter of a paedophile. Doesn’t that look like easy?

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Jeremy Corbyn videos :: 2

This blog and my previous blog is about me being a political dissident and a political activist. I am supporting Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership campaign.

I consider that the vast majority of the UK electorate has been denied the opportunity to vote for anybody remotely representing their interests for far too long. Isn’t democracy an absolute farce if your choice is Conservative, Conservative or Conservative? (Conservative, Conservative-Liberal-Democrat or Conservative-Labour).

I will be featuring some videos about Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign. These vids are just within the last day or so.

Comments are monitored. They will be published if relevant regardless of any other consideration. OK, they may be cen***ed if obscene but they are welcome and encouraged.

ed: There are a lot more available. YouTube has a filter Sort by Upload date


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How the NHS can save millions

NHS sign

Firstly, I have to admit that this is not my idea but a friend’s. This idea is proposed seriously and I hope that it is taken up.

The NHS wastes millions on temp agencies. Let’s look at some figures: Let’s assume that some medical professional e.g. a nurse, is employed as a temp at £24 an hour. The temp agency will typically take a 40% cut of the fee they charge: £16 for each hour that medical professional works – the NHS gets charged £40 an hour. If s/he works a 8-hour shift the temp agency makes £128. If s/he works a 40-hour week, the temp agency makes £640. The temp agency is making ridiculous amounts of money for possibly as little as 10 minutes’ work – only one short phone call and running the payroll.

Image of Accident and emergency

Here’s how to save that money. The NHS operates as a temp agency and does it for far more reasonable fees of 5% or less. They only need to cover their costs – they don’t need to make a profit for anyone. The medical professional still gets paid £24 an hour but the NHS gets charged only slightly more than that instead of £40.

6/8/15: This article needs more research. NHS operates a ‘framework’ whereby agency fees are limited or capped. Temporary staff are also employed ‘off-framework’ e.g. when staff are needed urgently.

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Jeremy Corbyn videos :: 1

This blog and my previous blog is about me being a political dissident and a political activist. I am supporting Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership campaign.

ed: Let me be clear. I can’t be a registered supporter of the Labour Party. I support him, I can’t vote for him. I can’t bring myself to register my support for the Labour Party … yet.

I consider that the vast majority of the UK electorate has been denied the opportunity to vote for anybody remotely representing their interests for far too long. Isn’t democracy an absolute farce if your choice is Conservative, Conservative or Conservative? (Conservative, Conservative-Liberal-Democrat or Conservative-Labour).

I will be featuring some videos about Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign. These vids are just within the last day or so. He seems really busy – no wonder he looks tired on the night bus.

Comments are monitored. They will be published if relevant regardless of any other consideration. OK, they may be cen***ed if obscene but they are welcome and encouraged.

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Russel Brand on Tony Blair

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On a quiet day, I can hear her

Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.
– Arundhati Roy

I can hear her

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David Cameron Islamic Extremism speech July 2015

I’ll be making some remarks on David Cameron’s recent speech on so-called Islamic Extremism. Later on in his speech Cameron says that he wants to do away with this blog under his ‘Extremism Bill’. edit: He doesn’t actually say this blog but

“First, any strategy to defeat extremism must confront, head on, the extreme ideology that underpins it. We must take its component parts to pieces – the cultish worldview, the conspiracy theories

we should together challenge the ludicrous conspiracy theories of the extremists. The world is not conspiring against Islam; the security services aren’t behind terrorist attacks

Second, as we counter this ideology, a key part of our strategy must be to tackle both parts of the creed – the non-violent and violent.

This means confronting groups and organisations that may not advocate violence – but which do promote other parts of the extremist narrative.

We must demand that people also condemn the wild conspiracy theories, the anti-Semitism, and the sectarianism too. Being tough on this is entirely keeping with our values.

We need to put out of action the key extremist influencers who are careful to operate just inside the law, but who clearly detest British society and everything we stand for [Tory values]. These people aren’t just extremists. There are despicable far right groups too. And what links them all is their aim to groom young people and brainwash their minds.

So as part of our Extremism Bill, we are going to introduce new narrowly targeted powers to enable us to deal with these facilitators and cult leaders, and stop them peddling their hatred.

As I said, this is not about clamping down on free speech. It’s just about applying our shared values uniformly.

This blog peddles conspiracy theories and claims that security services are behind terrorist attacks.

Sorry Cameron, you’ll be imprisoning me.

image of David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks

David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks

It’s great to be here at this outstanding school, Ninestiles School. Your inspiring teachers and your commitment to British values means you are not just achieving outstanding academic success, but you are building a shared community where children of many faiths and backgrounds learn not just with each other, but from each other too.

Politicians giving speeches at schools is out of order. While they’re guaranteed an audience it’s insulting and disrespectful to the school-students involved. There is an authoritarian regime in schools where students are ordered about and they follow those orders. Their human rights are not recognised. The students didn’t realise they could turn around and say “Fuck off! I’m not listening to that asshole” because of course they can’t. It’s lucky no politician tried that while I was at school.

Blair used to do it a lot – probably because he’d never get an audience towards the end of his reign. He’d go to a school and avoid any eye contact with the students – that’s one of the things that put me onto him and his evil ways. Why was he avoiding eye contact?

Blair went to one school and was booed by the students. He was so deranged and divorced from reality that his aides persuaded him that they were doing some youth-speak “Boom” showing respect for him. Twat.

And that goes right to the heart of what I want to talk about today.

I said on the steps of Downing Street that this would be a ‘one nation’ government, bringing our country together.

That’s total bullshit then. It’s four or five nations for a start. What about the Evel measures Cameron was pursuing? That’s certainly very divisive.

Today, I want to talk about a vital element of that. How together we defeat extremism and at the same time build a stronger, more cohesive society.

My starting point is this.

Over generations, we have built something extraordinary in Britain – a successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy. It’s open, diverse, welcoming – these characteristics are as British as queuing and talking about the weather.

It’s not welcoming, is it?

It is here in Britain where different people, from different backgrounds, who follow different religions and different customs don’t just rub alongside each other but are relatives and friends; husbands, wives, cousins, neighbours and colleagues.

It is here in Britain where in one or two generations people can come with nothing and rise as high as their talent allows.

It is here in Britain where success is achieved not in spite of our diversity, but because of our diversity.

I’m letting that pass because it’s trivial.

So as we talk about the threat of extremism and the challenge of integration, we should not do our country down – we are, without a shadow of doubt, a beacon to the world.

Oh come on.

And as we debate these issues, neither should we demonise people of particular backgrounds. Every one of the communities that has come to call our country home has made Britain a better place. And because the focus of my remarks today is on tackling Islamist extremism – not Islam the religion – let me say this.

Hmm, Muslims are the one religion that is seriously discriminated against. I happened across a couple of Muslim school students who were about fourteen the other day. I was cycling through a park and they had to move out of the way for me to pass through the gate to leave the park. We exchanged a few words. They were ashamed. I regret not making an issue of telling them that they had nothing to be ashamed of. This is what it’s all about – it’s young Muslims who will be [ed: relentlessly] bullied by school authorities – they’re not ever going to have a break, are they? That seems to me very much like a way to create extremism rather than defeat it.

26/7/15 I’m going to jump ahead because it’s crap.

I was thinking about whether these “our values” actually exist and who is Cameron to define these “our values”. I was intending to argue that there is no consensus since we are so diverse as Cameron has already said and that I share very few values with Cameron. Values are different from beliefs and I should think that values probably follow from beliefs. It follows that since peoples’ beliefs are different then they have different values. I think that’s about right. What about you?

Take for example a religion that promotes the idea that all other religions are inferior – that all others not following that particular religion are animals or beasts in human form, sub-human. Now if you had accepted such beliefs, wouldn’t values follow? and wouldn’t behaviour follow from those values?

So, my proposition is that there are no such “our values”.

26/7/15 19.30 BST

What are these “our values”?

But you don’t have to support violence to subscribe to certain intolerant ideas which create a climate in which extremists can flourish.

Ideas which are hostile to basic liberal values such as democracy, freedom and sexual equality.

Surely Cameron must mean pretend-democracy, pretend-freedom and not even pretend sexual equality. Cameron, former PM Tony Blair and former Resident Dubya Bush are Neo-Conservatives. Neo-Conservatives follow the anti-democratic and illiberal philosophy of Leo Strauss that it is necessary to deceive to rule. It would seem that Cameron is proposing that “our values” includes support for an obvious sham-democracy that is maintained through dissembling and deception.

Ideas which actively promote discrimination, sectarianism and segregation.

Like Cameron’s proposed Extremism Bill.

Ideas – like those of the despicable far right – which privilege one identity to the detriment of the rights and freedoms of others.

Like the religion I mentioned earlier and this speech and the proposed Extremism Bill and Neo-Conservatives.


Danger Mice

Cameron fights for his brutish values – more Islamophobia and war

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