DRAFT: message notions … Isn’t difficult to make a Chrismas message? … what would your’s be?

I’d like to do a seasonal message, but

I hate to be

I hate Christmas, everyone turns their brains off and go into their imbecile-consumer-alt-reality. Is it a different consciousness – oh sorry, that’s your one.

Anyway, the message will have to address global reality – that’s normal

I’m going to heavy on suffering, the recent CIA report, rectal feeding, inhumanity, debasement

I’m thinking that it cant be done in my / our name.

IT is so depraved, inhumane. So depraved, how on earth? That is so disgusting that there is no way that it can be defended. Blair, Straw, David Miliband.

Do some research CIA torture report should do it

ed: A democratic society would pursue criminals – war criminals or criminals against humanity – through the courts according to the laws that are.


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Isn’t it ridiculous — conspiracy theorist – conspiracy – conspriracy – why do you trust the scum?

The situation now is that it’s ridiculous not to be a conspiracy theorist.

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Coming soon: Compare and contrast

Like I used to do themed series … I intend to bring the Compare and contrast series. I may even Capitalise it (as per convention)

Coming soon: Compare and contrast

The Garden of Eden and the World Trade Center

… that sort of ting


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I have seen the rich scum in London

Well I have. I’ve seen rich scum. They have lots of money but they’re scum. They’ve inherited their wealth and privilege. They’ve never done anything to deserve it. All they’ve ever done is been born to a rich and privileged family. That’s all they’ve ever needed to do. Pop out.

edit: Pop out. Been born to a rich and privileged family, The 1%. That has been all it takes. Is it time that we call them hasbeens? Is it time that we say that it is different NOW?

They’re rich. They believe that the rest of us are scum that should not be encouraged to breed.



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Lib-Dems abandon Liberalism and confirm that they are Tory scum

The night the Lib Dems gave up their last remaining principles

Image of Tories David Cameron and Nick Clegg

[L]ast night the party sold out whatever remaining principles it had after four years in office. There can be no excuse for what it did yesterday evening.

It was a debate on judicial review. Judicial review sounds boring but it is one of the most democratic legal mechanisms available to the British citizen. It allows us to challenge illegal government decisions, to fight government irrationality and to challenge the decisions made by authorities. In the words of one peer, it is “the British defence of freedom” and the means by which we avoid “elected dictatorship”.

Chris Grayling has lost several judicial review cases this year, for the simple reason that he keeps acting illegally and irrationally. So he has decided to try and eradicate it. That’s not what it’s called, of course. It’s called ‘reform’. But his reform will make it impossible for anyone but the very rich to use it.

The Lords fought back and voted down several of the bill’s measures. Last night the criminal justice and courts bill returned to the Commons.

The press do not cover judicial review for the same reason the public are not interested in it – because no-one really knows what it is. Why waste a principled stand on a matter of principle alone, when tomorrow there might be a more popular principled stand to take?

But judicial review goes to the heart of what it is to be a liberal. It is the individual against the state. It is like liberalism triple-distilled and poured into a bottle. One struggles to imagine a more perfect encapsulation of liberal philosophy.

No Lib Dem MP outside of Sarah Teather can call themselves a liberal this morning. They have betrayed the central tenet of the philosophy they claim to hold dear.


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MPs are ass*oles

I’m not saying that all MPs are ass*oles and there is the odd one or two who are OK. These ones certainly are.

David Babbs represents the campaign group 38degrees. Many MPs dislike 38degrees because it encourages people to engage in democracy and hold MPs to account.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP is a very simple concept to understand. It is intended to subvert democracy by allowing commercial interests to take governments to the courts in secret. TTIP negotiations are also conducted in secret with interests like the MPs in the clip not wanting any transparency or accountability. What more is there to understand?




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Conservative and Lib-Dem-Conservative attacks on disabled people

We’re NOT all in this together: the story of the closure of the Independent Living Fund from Moore Lavan Films on Vimeo.

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Cameron surronded by shiny gold things

UK Uncut

Image of Cameron surrounded by shiny gold things


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Shall we start realising that it’s about the 0.1%

Shall we start realising that it’s about the 0.1%

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Is very simple, isn’t it?

What right have people got to be so excessively, ridiculously rich?


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There was a 10% campaign

It’s not about the 10%.

It’s about the 0.1%

er, and the 10%

but mostly about the 0.1%



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Ed Miliband is correct in saying that the filthy rich don’t pay tax

That’s how it works, of course …

The filthy rich pay no tax … it’s like Heaven on Earth

Well … Cameron employed that Greentaxevadingcnt tax exile as an advisor. Employ a fantastically successful evader of UK taxes as an advisor? Greencnt Top Shop …

He employed him as an advisor to govt? Well, didn’t he?

ed: Philip Green, ***** tax avoider, Cameron and the Tory Party love him.

It’s about money and privilege of course, if you’re borned rich without ever having to have any concern for supporting yourself, you’ll be fine and ignorant

just like Boras (i)

They are so ridiculous, no? Upper-class twats?

Well, I think of them as upper-class twats who have no idea of reality.

OK, us people who’ve been to normal schools. We had fights in the schoolyard. These cnts didn’t. They were in public school. They’ve never even had a schoolyard fight and the cnts are going to war.

They’ve never had a black eye or a swollen lip and they’re sending people to be killed.

Philip Green, Cameron’s mate and advisor, tax evader’s yacht



Nice yacht for a tax evader and a mate of David Cameron’s eh?

Is called Lionheart

You can search for super rich yachts on google so you can appreciate that you’ve got no chance compared to the 0.1% that are not so much in charge but totally ponced to. If you have a chance to insult or assault (thump) them (with the slightest excuse), please do so. I’d like to.

er: I’m sorry, nobody deserves to be assaulted. Instead they need to reasonably be told that they are not appreciated. Believe me they will never have been told this before.


Shall we go for that you have absolutely no right to be stinking, ridiculously rich

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General Election May 2015 – Can we get rid of the terrorists?

The terrorists are the conventional politicians – the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal-Democrat Party.

Terrorism keeps them in power.

Can we do away with them? Can we get rid of the nonsense terrorists?

We’ve seen it, haven’t we?

Terrorism serves conventional politics. They couldn’t survive without terrorism.

Can we get rid of them? General Election 2015.

Can the General Election 2015 be an anti-terrorism election?

We know very well who the terrorists are, who benefits from terrorism. It is mainstream politicians. Can we use the General Election 2015 to fight terrorism?

Can we vote the terrorists out?

Can we go for it please?

later edit: I appreciate that I am addressing a certain section of the electorate. It is not my place to direct and I will not. I have respect.

later again edit: I think that it is only fair that I explain my political allegiance: I support but am not a member of the Green Party. I support the Green Party since they support Socialist principles as well as the environment. I would be tempted to support the nationalist parties of Scotland, Wales or Cornwall if I was there but I’m not. I could never support the Tories, the Tory Lib-Dem or UKIP. The Labour Party are not distinguished from the Tory-Lib-Dems. They were all in school and University together. They seem to be the same lot.

So how can we have an anti-Terrorism General Election 2015? I’ll work on it. It seems to be tactical voting and a lot of calculations on individual constituencies. Looks like a lot of work for me. Hopefully, I can get someone to help me. I hope that he’s up for it.

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This new total Cnut in charge of GCHQ

The new man in charge of GCHQ is happy to sit in my bedroom when I’m doing consensual wicked actds with my missus.

That’s what he’s saying – You do not have a right to privacy and GCHQ has the right to spy on everyone to identify … what???

So they have the right to watch you getting down to it???

I think that that is what he’s saying. You might be terrimerists! He wants to sit there watching you while you skudd. Isn’t that privacy?

If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about …

Oh FO. You really don’t want these sihts interfering so you are scared to talk to people cos they will follow them to, do you?
You don’t watching you every second of the day, do you?
If you’ve got nothing to hide. FO, it’s Fascim.

Do you want them to know when you fart? If you’ve got nothing to hide …

Yip, Yip, FM, FM, LM, LM, Quinell the stards are listening. Is happened to me. How long until it happens wholesale?

You got nothing to hide?

Of course you have

You got nothing to hide?

Then they can have recordings of you skudding

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AJ what a (Blairite) cnut!

I’m going with EM

I could help him

Actually, I’m thinking that I will

It was three or four days ago when the challenge EM started.

Then I knew he was the one to support.

Shame that he’s not a Leftie or a Socialist or he’s not been yet.

IDS terrible incompetence, repeated attacks on those least able to defend themselves. This nonsense about welfare tourism – do you know how difficult it is to claim benefits? three months?


ed: actually attack at every possibility. Be opposition. IDS is terribly easy cos he has been incredibly incompetent. later: opposition parties should criticise without reserve. That’s what they used to do isn’t it? Criticise, moan, call them (far worse than your classmates at Oxford).

Labour party can employ me instead of the Yank twat.

but BTW, I support the Green Party. You should have employed me before I said that.

What has EM got to do?

He was following a strategy of not doing anything. The problems for that is UKIP and SNP gains in Scotland. It looks dodge for the Labour Party now – there was an expectation that the Labour Party would be fine at GE2015. Now it’s changed.

It looks as though EM now has encourage people to vote Labour. Hmm.

The problem is that they’re done nothing to distinguish themselves from anyone else. Well, they may have done a few things but it’s not been noticed. Another problem is the ice cream stall. (economics BS theory). Yet another problem is that all these political parties are REALLY indistinguishable. It’s not really that they’re indistinguishable – it is that there is no difference between them – and so they are indistinguishable because it is the same homogonous Eton mess.

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Some relaxing nonsense for the weekend …

Dodgeball, get it on torrent

Family viewing (i.e. every family should accept their kids whatever their sexuality and this is nice and easy. It hardly touches it actually. Well, it does the whatever which is good.)

I don’t know ( I do know ). Carry on.

Parents knowing that their child has a different sexuality should at the very least show that it is accepted. I appreciate that I am read worldwide. You love your kids and that’s it. You love your children because they are your children and you love them in their choices.

If they love, then it can’t be wrong.

If they love, then surely it is God’s will.

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Welsh music

Enjoy regardless

continuing …

Welsh music and art

Mi wyfaf amdan i. yn bell dros y mor.

Heather Jones is such an amazing, incredible, wonderful singer

Derek Jarman Gobaith mawr y ganrif is censored.
You can’t have that – it’s about gobaith mawr y ganrif and ymgrymwn i.e. it’s like tipping your body forwards showing your respect for royalty like (not necessarily royalty). Gobaith mawr y ganrif = the big hope of the century (that’s translated pretty well). It’s the Welsh Derek Jarman musician – different to Derek Jarman film director. The Welsh Derek Jarman was very good as well. Looks like you can’t find him cos yt search doesn’t allow it.

This one dresses in black like JC. Not goth, like JC. A Welsh legend.

An old one but a good un.


I am very proud to be Welsh.
I can’t sing like that but I do appreciate it and understand.
I do my thing which I am compelled to do …

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It’s not going to be cannibalism

Cos that’s nonsense.

It’s first story nonsense for the press.

Watch the story and cannibalism will disappear.

Apologies for getting Argoed wrong.

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WTF are BBC now reporting Argoed instead of Bargoed?

BBC now reporting Argoed instead of Bargoed.

WFT is that?

ed: WTF is that about?

How on earth do they get that so wrong?

ed: How crap is that?


What for?

Does this suggest that reporting is a lower standard than should be expected?

Is a bit crap, No?

00.25 This whole story is very dodgy. Are the BBC obfuscating it further?

This story has the hallmarks of total BS.

Total OTT BS

cannibalism? FO

OK, I realise. They’re saying Argoed to throw people off. It must be. It can’t be not deliberate.

It’s Bargoed in South Wales, 5 miles or so from Blackwood. Ystrad Mynach. You got it?

It’s there, You should find it now.

5live is still reporting Argoed. It’s Bargoed.

Er, Is there an Argoed?

Looks like I should admit that I was wrong. Looks like I was wrong. I have never heard of Argoed WTF is it?

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A Whirlygig?

A Whirlygig?

Time for?

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MI5, MI6 and GCHQ ‘spied on lawyers’

Image of GCHQ donught building. Doesn't look like a doughnut. Look. Oh c'mon, can't you see - open your eye. ed: and 3s or 120s, praps 3 120s?

MI5, MI6 and GCHQ ‘spied on lawyers’

British intelligence agencies have policies allowing staff to access confidential communications between lawyers and their clients, official documents have revealed.

The guidance was disclosed for the first time at a tribunal which examines complaints against MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

The lawyer-client relationship is generally protected by strict rules.

Campaigners said the disclosure had “troubling implications for the whole British justice system”.

The government could be handed an unfair advantage in court if it had access to confidential materials, they said.

In one case, MI5 revealed, legally privileged information had been inappropriately passed to lawyers defending the security agencies, where “the potential for tainting” was identified.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) heard that updated MI5 guidance published in January advised lawyers that while there was no “legal prohibition” on reading privileged material relating to their cases, doing so should be “avoided” to prevent prejudicing proceedings.

… (continues)

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Message from the new head of GCHQ. Be afraid and embrace the new bullshitism


So the new head of GCHQ says tech

Oh this is all so much bolox

The new Head of GCHQ is in charge of ~ of how does this work? ~ we’re not criminals listening to absolutely all communications into and out of the UK. We can’t be criminals invading the privacy of all you criminal bastards – WE’VE GOT IT ALL. Oh and that criminal Angela Merkel.

Look you’re all criminals, we’re listening to all of it so we can scare you senseless to do as you’re told. Aren’t you afraid of terrrists. I’ll see what I can do.

[ed: These tech companies are bastards too. They’re not playing the game. Why aren’t they totally afraid of these imaginary terrrists too? They’re not playing the game. They’re not playing the be afraid of terrrists game. Bo Woo Woo Woo Hu!

These tech companies who have techies and intelligent people are not playing the game. Oh dear, I wonder why that is. Not.

Praps they realise that it’s all bullshit by Neo-Con scum. I would at least appreciate them that much. You know, they’re not stupid or not as stupid as you presume.

I’m not that clever but I’m not that stupid.

The new GCHQ boss. Is that the best you could do?

I’d better address that bullshit that the new GCHQ boss is spouting. It’s just that there was much crap that he’s overwhelmed me. So much total nonsense coming from the new twat in charge of GCHQ. So much shit.

There’s so much shit you’ll have to give me a day or two. I’ve got to swim through it and reach for air.

ed: It seems quite easy really. GCHQ boss says you have no right to privacy cos he’s got to chase terrrists. Terrrists are imaginary to make you afraid and accept repression. GCHQ boss watches you skudding.

How long till they insist on watching? No, it’s OK they probably got it bugged anyway in this ‘free’ society. They are only protecting your ‘freedom’ after all.

Do be terribly afraid of terrrists. Don’t be afraid of dying when you cross the road which is far more likely.

The main point about about this new GCHQ boss is that he’s pushing the discredited bullshit terrrism agenda. Oh FO. The USians may have swallowed that. The rest of the world didn’t or at least they don’t now.

FO GCHQ boss YFOS(hit).

Some tech company is gonna employ me as head of tech-terrrism relations soon. I can do that. Gizza, gizza, I can do that.

The dominant belief system is depending on imaginary terrrists. Fear. It’s nonsense and it has been demonstrated repeatedly that these b’stards engage in false flag operations to manufacture that fake fear.

It is very likely that tech companies are fully aware of your BS. Tech companies are not required or expected to follow your false prospectus.

Your false prospectus of imaginary terrrists scring the hebbegebbe out of us. That’s Bolux and I would expect that  that is accepted in not only tech companies. I would expect that  that is accepted in all big companies – that  that is total BS.

People believing in that ridiculous BS is diminishing quickly …

later: Why should tech companies comply with the BS nonsense of terrrism?

Why should tech companies allow political BS method of control  – in this paticular instance, the imaginary threat of terrrism  – exploit and disempower people? Should they? Why should they?

Politicians and GCHQ do the fear. Tech companies do the tech.

Looka like this new GCHQ boss gonna scare you senseless. There’s a Woolaf!

Be afraid. Be afraid. GCHQ boss says BE AFRAID!

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Theresa May, you either hear me or you don’t sign it

Theresa May, Home Secretary

I know it doesn’t have to be you – it can be some Chief Constable

but I’ll hold you responsible

because as Home Secretary,

you are responsible

You’re either going to lift this RIPA order on me

[actually it may be many RIPA orders: They tend to say according to RIPA you will do this and not tell anyone under threat of serious imprisonment. RIPA is about don’t tell anyone (even your solicitor) or you’ll be imprisoned. So there may be many RIPA orders. If I get one I’ll publish it.]


account for it


ed: and I suggest that RIPA orders are so anti-democratic, why not publish them? I would really not be surprised if RIPA orders have been for political rather than any other purpose. Time to publish them? You could always pretend that they were leaked ..

The one on my ISP is … Don’t let him have his stats – don’t let him know how many people visit his website. How does that serve any useful purpose other than hit the political activist? What else can it achieve?

It’s weird isn’t it? I think that it is right that I should be given the opportunity to respond to the charges made against me. Shouldn’t I have the opportunity to defend myself against these charges made against me? Apparently not, lucky I don’t live in Pak.

Why is there so much hostility to me? There is so much hostility to me because I have been a successful political activist. The problem is that for invisible and unaccountable processes unknown to me where I have no opportunity to represent myself to seek to silence me is not appropriate for a democratic society.

I call you Fascist. I call you Fascist not only for silencing dissent but for repressing any political opposition.

Theresa May, The Tory, Lib-Tory coalition you lift this RIPA political repression immediately. Now.

You have to justify it anyway and you have to justify why it continues. Now and advise everyone that these RIPA orders are lifted NOW, not tomorrow. NOW.

You cancel these RIPA orders now. Theresa May, Home Secretary you lift these RIPA orders now because political activism is legitimate activity. Now.

Theresa May, Home Secretary, You have to recognise my absolute right to express myself. I am a political activist and I have an absolute right to criticise you and your government.

This is how it’s going to be. You are not going to interfere with my right to express myself in any way. Got it? If you are going to sign these RIPA orders or allow some subordinates to do it, then you are going to allow me the opportunity to challenge it. Got it?

That’s the least I expect from a democratic society.

I know fully well that my home has been bugged, that a car I have often use of has been bugged and that an occasional friend of mine’s home has been been bugged. I consider that that’s excessively unreasonable and out of order. I’m sure that any concerned newspaper could confirm this – they’re still going to be there. Any newspapers interested?

I am actually concerned about govt spying even before all this started – back in 2000/1 or so … not against me even. There may even be evidence of that.

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For years I’ve been under RIPA

I know that for years I’ve been under RIPA

I am a political activist

It has been used to silence me

Totally contrary to the rights of individuals in a democratic society

who have a right to

participate in the democratic process

I demand my right

to participate in the democratic process

without unaccountable covert hindrance

RIPA should not be used to silence legitimate political comment

RIPA should not be used against ISPs for political purposes

basically, RIPA is fantastically powerful but shouldn’t be used to silence political activists for political purposes – as it has been

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What they’ve done is have the arse pretence of democracy

They’ve covered their arses again and again

They’ve had pretend hearings about wether this blogger is acceptable,

wether this blogger should be censored,

oh fuck off

I’ve never had the possibility of representing myself

but they’ve decided

that fucking useless Lold Carlile cunt anything you 4x is ok

Isn’t a pathetic sham when you pretend like that? I think that it is.

Eh: 2 issues

1. I have never been given the opportunity to represent or defend myself

2. He’s lost a lot of weight but he’s still a pae


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We’ve got to vote these b’stards out – these b’stards that rely on imaginary terrrisrts

We’ve got to get rid of all these politicians that rely on imaginary – and otherwise arranged and calculated terrrorism – out.

This is a political platform that proposes that terrorism is extremely exaggerated for political advantage by UK political parties.

As a valid political argument and perspective it is unacceptable that the UK government to censor my activities. The point is that people should have the freedom and right to express themselves and their arguments irrespective if they conflict with the dominant ideology. Isn’t that the essential idea of freedom of expression?

and again: I am a political activist. UK government considers that I am a terrrist (I would suggest amoung all these other imaginary terrrists that serve their purposes so well). The point is that I am a political activist.


I have the right to express myself

The UK government should not interfere with my right to express myself

What right have they got to censor me?

Surely, I should have the right to argue it. You shouldn’t just accept their argument. I should have a right to respond.

You’re going to have to respect my right to express myself – but what rights have I got to get back at them? I’ve got no money. And that’s not good enough.

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Fingers those responsible for the financial collapse of 2008. US and UK Neo-Cons are identified.


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I’d say that is pretty correct. 1% have a totally luxurious life of leisure. It could be 0.2% of course but 1% is a good target.

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Please realise that you’ve got no chance bacause they’re rich

and you (and me)

are poor scum

er: I apologise that I said that you’ve got no chance

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Samhain / Calan Gaeaf

I don’t agree with so much

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Calan Geaf (soon) …

According to tradition – in 3 days time. It is tradition.

so you may as well understand …

the midwinter celebration is a celebration that at least many people have survived half of the winter.




Don’t these adverts piss you off?

Midwinter celebration is not about adverts


Calan geaf


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