Psst, don’t say it too loudly. What’s wrong with UK politics. Shall we start and how the so-called ‘Labour’ party is going so wrong? To continue and continue …

Well if the so-called Labour party’s not going to do it, someone’s got to do it.

Stop being such Neo-Con shits. How on Earth can you claim to represent ordinary people when you are such Neo-Con shits?


ed: The point is that if you’re such Neo-Con shits then you are Neo-Con shits. There is no difference because you are Neo-Con shits … who care nothing for people – never mind ordinary people. Neo-Con Labour shits care nothing except Neo-Conism. You evil, careless b’stards.

Neo-Con Labour have nothing to offer ordinary people. Well, they can offer you ridiculous, irrational shitless scaredness. That’s what Neo_Conism is. Be afraid. Be far more afraid of a ridiculous nothingness threat. Hey be afraid of walking on the pavement – that’s far more dangerous. Be afraid of going out. Stay in. It’s so dangerous – far more dangerous than food poisoning or falling down. Wouldn’t that be awful if you fell over? Terrible, That’s life.

Anyway, back to the Neo-Con Labour Party. They’ve accepted fully the Neo-Con skit. You know what it is – be skitless afraid. C’off Neo-Con Labour Party. Just C’off.

Be afraid to catch a bus. Be afraid, be so afraid. Be afraid. These b’stards make up terrorism shit to control you through fear. I suggest that we need a backlash. How dare they? How dare they manipulate people through fear? How dare they? Cnuts

How dare they manipulate people through fake manufactured terrorism?


And such ridiculous, transparent terrrism nonsense. Can we hold thib to account?

It’s unfortunate that I will never have the same importunities – hey that may be it. No, I’d like similar opportunities to do TB and IB as they had. FM I was lucky but thanks also to everyone that I did not acknowledge before.

Isn’t it like an eye for an Ii? Isn’t it quite clear?


I find it really weird that this IB cnut is still tolerated. I suppose that’s their siht siht. Shall we call it total siht? IB such a siht, it is so transparent that he was such a political tool. How on earth can anyone suggest that there is anything near democracy with absolute New-Labour murdering and more police cnuts like this? Oh Fcuk off.

New Labour Ian Blair. It’s so ridiculous. IB – actually – covering for murdering bastards on the tube. Jean Charles de-Menezes. de-Menezes is the surname. JCD.

ed: What can be done about this then? I have suggested 6
Is there another resolution?

Well of course there are other resolutions …
It’s difficult to accuse dead people. Be good if they died soon not from old age

Ed: The trouble is that this all seems outside any judicial process e.g. former Boss of the Metropolitan Police with assistance from a foreign paramilitary force calling for the murder of a UK citizen. If it’s outside any judicial process then I have suggested a resolution.

ed: Probably military rather than paramilitary. Yes, employed and financed directly. I don’t suppose they were anything else. Perhaps paramilitary because they were pretending not to be foreign military in UK.

Not that different to(p) terrorists then if you think about it.

ed: Yes, they were foreign but pretending not to be. They invented terrrism.

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FFilumm recccommmenddattionns

I commend Sharknado & Sharknado 2: The Second One as wonderful ffilums tthat eexpand oon tthe cconcept tthat yyou ccan bbelieve eeverything oon ttv.

Ssharknado 3 is coming soon. Shark Avalanche is pretty ggood ttoo.

ed: Elections are like that too ;) Do I mean as believable as carp fiction?


Opinion polls so wrong, yet again so soon after the Scottish referendum. These opinion polls do their best – that’s their business after all. I like rats, they don’t smell.

fishy? sharky?

(ed: Very good music at the end of Avalanche Sharks]

later ed: Vurassic Shark is really good for yu believers of televission: about the same quality too ;)

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Politicians kill ordinary people CONTINUING

The corporate media ignore it – despite it being so obvious. Corporate media are quite happy to legitimise corporate, Fascist murder,

Corporate media ordinary people can be killed because they don’t count.

Hmm not very good at recognising threats, waking up?

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There was a cock-sucked politician renowned for negotiation

I’m going to go for it

No, not that


History – an account – a proper unofficial narrative



I want a sign that this new govt is going to address issues

er: or else

I want these obvious issues addressed

because otherwise it’s going to be very messy

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Actually, new government I have some unresolved issues

… which I’d like to resolve.

You may have some suggestions what these are about.

I would like to resolve these issues with people held accountable for their actions. Outside the legal system is acceptable as long as all of them are held to account (all of them).

ed: Come to think of it how can all of them be held to account? Loads of accidents? At least 6? I’ll have to make a list – probably twice that many. Go for it. Six will probably be enough but get the Blairs then the others will probably realise.

That’s T & I B definitely, Straw, Reid, Clarke, Blunkett & I would like much more actually.

That’s six if I only get six.

Thank you very much (+1)

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The point is that it shouldn’t need me to say this – you should not allow it – you – should not allow it. It should not be acceptable personally to you. Why does it take me to tell you? Don’t you oppose Fascism? Don’t you oppose treating people as untermensch? Don’t you oppose military oppression and forced oppressive servitude? You know what it is. It’s Fascism.

Those that see the truth know that action is needed. Since we understand and totally appreciate the situation, then we are responsible individually and collectively through our inaction. Individually and collectively? Well, most certainly collectively – that it is permitted with our knowledge – please consider historical precedents. It is totally unacceptable and that should be stated unequivocally by all.

From the darkness comes the light.

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General Election 2015: Musical Interlude …

Bored with the Election ‘rap? A musical interlude …

I’ve been looking for ages for a strong for Scotland and I found it very difficult. Then I was looking for a Welsh song for you. I want to show huge Celtic brotherhood and solidarity to Scotland but … sorry, you’ve got the another version of the same song. It is ‘rap election night. I’ll try and find a good Welsh song ;)

Here you go, a Welsh song for Scottish nationalists

This election night is going on …

More musical and emotional interlude …

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Bored with the election ‘rap?

It looks like I’ve done well and I shall have a fishy. I bet on the Lib Dem Tories doing badly – it was obvious, no?

[9/5/15 I won over 2500 sods betting on the ConDems doing badly. Wasn’t it obvious?}
[9/5/15 er, didn’t they get only one MEP in 2014. (I lost a lot of money then – I gambled on them getting zero. Made up for it now ++). BTW Muslims should not gamble or be gay. Isn’t that a bit awkward for the terrrism bullshit narrative?

The terrrism bullshit narrative belongs to terrrist politicians. These renewed politicians want it? I can do that. I can do full-on political activist again. I can do sustained that. I can do that if necessary. IDS, the disabled, my issues.

later in the early morning of 9/5/15 I’m searching for the words. Political opponents are political opponents. Please have respect for me as a formidable political opponent as opposed to anything more serious which is not warranted.

I would appreciate a sign.}

later:later 9/5/15 I have issues. They are not your issues although you may have to deal with them. They are serious issues. You have inherited them.

later:later:later A big problem is that it was so blatant and obvious, don’t you think?

So blatant and obvious, so blatant and obvious – almost like something has got to be done or happen. Looks like one shit inheritance …

Oh well here we go. You’ve got five years. I suggest you address these issues early beacause otherwise you’re going to have five+ years of it. [later:later:later You don’t want to get involved in this. Any prevarication could be [ed: will be] regarded as complicity. This is a big issue. Get away from it.]I would suggest that you should distance yourself from these / my issues. Sort them out, get it done XXX

Anyway, for all those bored with the election, here’s some distraction – the World’s fastest pram. Enjoy.

ed: Ed? that was a good distraction, eh?

His Jet bicycle is good

and the TukTuk

Have to watch the Faragists with this one ;)


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Hey people local to me

Say hello & be friendly.

Love you


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that strangeness

where people are attacking you while hiding …

so that you have no idea that they are attacking you until perhaps years later

isn’t it really nasty that they attack you while hiding?

well, I accept that to a degree

but it does seem a bit out of order – actually well out of order


Blair’s butler

decides to use all his

cntishness against you

So -I’ve been opposed to Blair. I’ve been a political activist. I’ve had Blair and the butler Blair shit calling me a terrrist.

That’s so out of order.

I have been a political activist. There is no suggestion anywhere that I have done anything more than argue.

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I want to tell you about being a suspected terrrist

It really pisses me off that they’ve decided that because I’m a political activist … then I’m a potential suicide bomber.

It’s very out of order that the police cannot distinguish political activists from terrorists.

I can assure you that is exactly how it is in UK because that is exactly my experience. If you’re a political activist, uk cops regard you as a terrrist.

Hey Ed: It’s wrong. There is a tradition of negotiation in UK. In some sense democracy is negotiation. I am very pissed off that I am regarded as a suspected terrorist,

Actually, I request that the police review why I am regarded as a suspected terrorist.

I accept that I’ve called for politicians to be hung up from lamposts. That is regarded as democracy in societies that have done that. Does suggesting that Tony Blair and John Reid and maybe that blind cnut Blunkett deserve to be hanged from lamposts make me a fecking wang-bang terrrist? Couldn’t you just look the other way?


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Jean Charles de Menezes

Agrippa’s Code.


It’s very nasty that he was killed in my place.

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Hey you Scots, they intended to blame me for 7/7

The problem is that I was at the Stirling camp.

The people they blamed for 7/7 was the reserves, if they couldn’t pin it on the first patsys.

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I was a very effective political activist

and they deserve to hang

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I’m going to suggest that in a notional democratic society …

Political activists who are engaging in social media and legitimate discourse should not be regarded as potential terrorists

and …

should not be targeted by supra-national agencies

in fake terrorism bullshit



And I’m going to call you absolute cnuts.

All of you that let this go are absolute cnuts!


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Jean Charles de Menezes

Look. I’ve said this before on bristol indymedia which has since been raided by police many times.

Jean Charles de Menezes was killed because of his name.

He was killed because his name points at a political dissident (or a political activist).

He was killed according to the numbers.

Agrippa. mason’s code


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Election 2015: Can we try Blair for war crimes please?

Can we try Blair for war crimes please?

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Have we moved on from BS terrorism?

I am so pleased if we have

Because you see because I was a political activist opposing Tony Bliar and his butler Ian Blair

I was a suspected terrrist.

You do understand this don’t you …

if you’re a suspected terrorist you can be killed by excessive gunfire not under UK rules of engagement (because they were not UKian/British i.e. they were foreign).

They point is that if you oppose Blair as a legitimate political activist you can be killed even if you only share actually a very dissimilar name.

Similar/dissimlar he points at me.

So they killed a poor guy to point at me.

I think that that the real issue here – apart from the murder of a totally innocent and unsuspecting person by the Fascist state – is that these cnuts think that they can do this. How dare they. If they think that they can kill us then isn’t it logical and reasonable that we kill them back?

I remember having this conversation many years ago – probably ten years ago – if they are killing us then why shouldn’t we kill them back?


Look, this is totally different to any election going on now. It is totally seperate to any election. I have tried to refrain from any comments during election time. Carry on.



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