I want to stay out of it

But isn’t Miliband’s position ridiculous? re: SNP? Shouldn’t he embrace the SNP?

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4 weeks is actually quite an achievement … and I was hoping not to make any comment on the ridiculous electoral nonsense

Honestly I wanted to let you get on with it

What a twat Miliband.

ed: It’s about Milband rejecting the SNP.

Is it about Miliband not recognising non-PPE? Is that it?

ed: It’s published in the Sun – did she have any idea of the real message that was published in her name? I think not. I think that it was published by the Sun in her name and she plays the role.

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The (two-Faced) Grand-Cnutty

ed: You know the two-faced one, the one that says different things to different audiences, the Grand-Cnutti

Heh, don’t mention Blair and that …

The Grand-Cnutty is gone soon … cos he’s an old dying bastard.

The point is that once he’s dead, he’s dead.  There’s noone anywhere near as grand-cnutti as him. He’s just dead and that’s the end of it. Bye ;) I’m really pleased with that. He’ll be dead in five or ten years. great, Bye :)

ed: Well he is like the living dead … a decrepit old one just hanging on …




ed: He publishes that ****

He publishes. Shall we look at taxes?

Be good when he croaks it. It’ll happen soon. :) Be good if I can hurry it up. 3 months?

ed: A week or two would be good.

ed: Go on do us all a favour, you ridiculous twisted, foul old grand-cnutty

die, be good for all of us

point is you’re as good as dead anyway …

and anyway you’ve always been full of shit.

I am making the point here: You have always been full of shit Murdoch. YOU HAVE BEEN AN ANTI-DEMOCRAT. You have been opposed to democracy.

: Die you old cnut, there’s noone to take your place. You’ll just be dead and that will be great. Oh and by the way don’t mention that dirty skudding b’stard Bliar

be the end of it. When you’re dead, great.

Heh, don’t mention that dirty slag Blair (oh and your dirty slag wife) ..

… ;)

Suzie C’mon, wasn’t it?

Half your decrepit old age. She can still feck while you’re just a twisted old siht

Hey Rupert, Have I got your attention?

You’re a useless twat. Do us all a favour. Fuck off and die.

3 months is 4th August.


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Enough of your bullshit?

Isn’t it about time? That we’ve had enough of your bullshit?

It’s coming


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Beyond onatism

I like Sci-Fi because it’s pretend, not real and escapism. Then you uber-onatists spoil it all with your Taliban, OBL wanling.

Terrorism wanjing

Shall we be afraid of …

crossing the road,

boiling a kettle,

smoking a cigarette,

because that’s much more likely to kill you than any imaginary terrrist

that is imagined to keep you scared

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Codi Hwyl

Dwy’i eisiau codi hwyl a dysgi bod yn meistr go iawn (trac-cyflym i fod yn meistr). Rwy’n bwriadu hwylio’r byd cyn bo hi’n rhy hwyr.

Does dim anffawd mewn ailenwi os mae dyna ei – beth yw’r syniad yma? fod rhyw llwybr wedi ei benderfynu?

Beth am yr enw Codi Hwyl? Fy nghwch i?

Rwy’n barod ei ailenwi hi. Mae eisiau enw newydd arno hi (Rhywbeth fel bedyddiaeth). Bydd hi’n edrych ar fy ol fi. Byddaf fi’n edrych ar ei ol hi.


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I do tend to think that these people who tried to have me killed as a suspected terrorist deserve to have the mirror turned on them. I did have a mirror held high.


Er, I’d better not forget Alastair Campbell.  Named

I curse you all. Not forgetting that later Home Secretary. I curse you. I curse you to tormented lives.

It would be good if the Blairs couldn’t live with themselves. It would be good if they ‘suicided’ themselves.


Actually, I am so pissed off that Jean Charles de Menezes has been killed in my place.

JC dM points at me. Oh stick it up your arse pretend secrecy.

Pretend Aggripa

Oh Fuck Off pretend tube expolosions 7 July 2005

Fuck Off

edit: OK I’m fed up with this – it’s got to change

They are going to be held responsible

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Named

John Reid. Named

Jaqui Smith. Named

Charles Clarke. Named

David Blunkett. Named

[22/3/15: I can make this easy. The cabinet shares responsibility – they are all jointly and severally responsible. Shall we say all cabinet members from Sept 2002 to the end of Brown’s government? Blunkett, Reid, Straw particularly piss me off though]

Who are these paedos going to be? I reckon it’s going to be all of Bliar’s cabinet.


One of Blair’s minister’s in Lambeth. Blair? Falconer? Who?

[22/3/15: I know of one paedo from Blair’s cabinet for certain. I also strongly suspect Blair himself based on his history. Having said that I really would not be surprised if they all were. This story of one of Blair’s minister’s supporting a Lambeth Southwark paedo childrens’ care home worker’s (manager / caretaker?)  attempts to adopt children sounds like the sort of blatant total disregard for the law and untouchable air of Blair himself. ]


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Please appreciate that it’s all total nonsense (BS)

Please appreciate that it’s all total nonsense (BS)

Carry on.

It is continuing tonight,

Jean Charles de Menezes

I jumped over barriers, I wore a jacket too warm …

Doesn’t he have My Name?

How can you not be your name?

They kill this poor person pointing at me.


Tony Blair, Ian Blair, Charles Clarke, Jack Straw, all those New Labour SHITS

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It moves about, and it’s nonsense, and they have to personify it … this elusive threat

That threat moves about.

It needs to be personified – OBL – perhaps not so much recently since he’s been killed about ten years after he died … He been killed ten years before he died and ten years after he died.

There’s people who oppose your way of life. Isn’t that awful? People who don’t agree with you? Don’t they deserve to be killed? Like, massively killed? Just because they’re not into killing people? So … people who ain’t into killing people should be killed? Is that it?

What I’m suggesting is, like, if they’re living in Pakistan and are having a wedding party. Don’t they deserve to be killed by a US drone from Virginia? Well they’re obviously foreign and that …

Sort it outo

ed: This has to stop. Killing people has to stop in 21st century. The people who had power no longer have power – now we negotiate and reach consensus.

This is 21st century. It is a new century. It is a new reality.

edit: Do you people in the US think that it’s acceptable to indiscriminately kill by drone in Pakistan? Well, do you?

They’re having a wedding party and a US done kills them all.   I’ll give you some dots    …

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NASA: 2014 the Warmest Year on Record

Climate change, global warming, irrefutable facts about, climate change, global warming

Looking into the eye of a Whale is very special.

I am not suggesting that saving whales is any real response to climate change, although of course Whales should be protected and adored. What I am suggesting is that we should hugely reduce our – i.e. human – adverse effect on this beautiful planet that is our World. We need to make huge changes to stop destroying our World.

It’s not about personal issues like riding a bike and doing away with cars (although it may have a minimal affect edit: doing away with cars would have a huge effect, aeroplanes too). Yes, we need to act local – avoid travelling excessive distances. Get a job closer to home.

The real issue is much bigger and needs to be addressed by politicians. We have to stop destroying this World. 2014 was the warmest year on record. Climate change is real and must be addressed.

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People are travelling needlessly

People are travelling hundreds or thousands of miles needlessly.

People are travelling hundreds of miles from A to B to do their thing …

… while

people are travelling hundreds of miles from B to A to do their thing …

… that’s their A to B

Can we address that please? Aeroplanes are not buses. Let’s cut this ridiculous nonsense out.

edit: Please. Isn’t this obvious? Isn’t it so ridiculous unnecessary climate-killing travel? Can’t we do it local? Are these flights needed? I know the answer – get a local job so that you can cycle there, get a bus or a cab.

Doesn’t that make sense?

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A different tangent …

Let – us – go on a different tangent.

A sensible, realistic and worthwhile direction would perhaps [be] to appreciate the natural world, accept and attempt to address climate change, recognise and accept that we have to make real and fundamental changes to the way that we live because we are destroying our planet. We should also commit to be fair and support democracy.

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An Election coming (!)

Who Do Politicians Take Money From? Russell Brand The Trews (E227)

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A Full Spectrum Assault on Democracy

George Monbiot and Russell Brand discuss TTIP on the trews.

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This weekend I’ll be where I go and …

listening, etc

if you have an offer, I’ll be there

edit: old school techno eh sid?

(I switch the monitor off ;)

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Draft ~ notes ~ for input: Now that we realise how it works, we need to change the world in our image

A thesis: Corporate politicians, media and the arms industry is there to serve the 1% that owns them.

Antithesis: You can come up with this. Honestly, I was never that taken by Marx. Some post-Marxists were pretty good.

Anyway: What we’ve got to do is take power from rich b’stards, get away from this absolute terrrism nonsense that they’re doing – to control people through FEAR – and decide what sort of societies and World that we want. Then we’ve got to do it.

For a start, I suggest that we don’t tolerate rich people.


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Chapel Hill Vs Copenhagen – Which Is Terrorism? Russell Brand The Trews (E257)

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Homegrown secret gardenism

Doesn’t homegrown have a previous meaning?

If you call something ‘homegrown’, doesn’t it already have a meaning – doesn’t homegrown already mean something?

Why is it called homegrown? Homegrown means homegrown.

It had a meaning. It meant homegrown.

It meant grown in your home, get it?

It referred to cannabis grown at home. That’s what it means – or meant.

So if you called somone a homegrown terrorist, does that mean that they are someone called a terrrist that grows Cannabis at their home?

called a terrrist & has a not so secret garden?

Why else call them homegrown? That’s what it means.

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Exclusive about Cameron, Jobcentres & Employment Policy

Still waiting. You heard it here first.

Prime Minister David Cameron is to announce that:

  • Jobcentres are to transition to a role closer to that of employment agencies.
  • A commitment to reduce unemployment to a period of two weeks.
  • Subsidised placements at full pay for three months for the mature unemployed.

Prime Minister David Cameron said

“We can’t afford to have people unemployed. This initiative is for people in their thirties, forties and fifties. We recognise that these people have considerable skills and experience that is important for our economy and we want to get them back working. I am today announcing a new initiative to get them back into productive employment.”

“We recognise that these people have an important role to play in ensuring that the United Kingdom is a competitive economy. The idea is that Jobcentres will place these people as soon as possible – ideally within two weeks – into a similar work environment. We don’t want people to be unemployed and I am pleased to announce this fundamental change in policy.”

Prime Minister Cameron stressed that that the government was committed to address the issue of the young unemployed – so called NEETs – although this program was addressed at more mature jobseekers.


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Buller, Buller, Buller … not actually #3

… I hereby make a confessional that I was wayward in my youth but I do not make any claim that I am able or appropriate to be elected to high office.

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