I may have something to say

In a week and a day



Neu’r diwrnod cynt

Oes gwahaniaeth?

Pwy sy’n cyfri?

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Where am I?

C’mon, I’ve always tried to make it clear.

There is darkness and there is light.

Darkness is about lying and taking advantage by manipulating people through lies and misrepresentation.

If that’s what you want praps you go for those gangs that do that – praps UKIP, the Conservatives or the Conservative-Labour Party.

I’m not an apostate. Do as you like but surely I can say that their ****s. [apostate?]

Anyway, back to te point, I hope that I am the opposite to darkness.

ed: If you’re bothered looking, you’ll find that I have promoted self-determination.

ed: I want to go on an aid convoy to Gaza.


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The GCHQ/OU course

There’s a GCHQ/OU online course starting soon – Introduction to Cyber Security – about protecting yourselves (and your business) on the net.

It looks like 3 hours a week for for four weeks and it’s free unless you want to be certified ;)

ed: ok Sorry looks like 8 weeks (but only 3 hours a week whenever you can fit it in). [I am very pleased that there are many free courses just recently in the last few (5 or so) years that are allowing people to learn. I appreciate that so much. ]

ed: you do have something like self-determination i.e. you decide for yourself?

; Oh Christ, LoB

ed: What on earth is LoB?

ed: Well you may as well follow this course. It looks like a course to inform people about the risks, it looks like a good course for managers at all levels as well as all computer users. Go on, sign up & see how it goes – it’s a good price.

6.30 I’m going to have to follow it – perhaps GCHQ will tell me how I can keep them out ;)

Despite my best efforts … c’mon …

I try my best but realistically there’s not much chance really, is there?

You know – one person vs. all that

I’ve got a good firewall but I’m one person against …

Think about it. Have I got any chance?

QHCG: Did you get that???

7.40am QHCG. About 12 years ago I managed to negotiate a secret code and transmit a message …

I negotiated it in plain sight under your is …

Yes, I negotiated the code and then sent a message ;)

TBH I have no idea now what it was but I did it … so UYA (in a friendly sorta way  ~  er, can you help getting Blair & co Paedos  nailed please? ;)

Yeah I know that there’s loads of MP and minister paedos. They’re cnuts. They had no regard for those poor unfortunate boys. It’s different for boys that did it voluntary [ed: I suppose it should be actively sought it]. It’s those poor bastards who are forced to do it. That’s not on and they deserve to be held to account as rapists. ed: Young boys cannot of course volunteer. Ed: Most definitely not to be assumed. I’m sorry I started this now.


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Terrorism BS

We’ve had two or three weeks of terrorism propaganda in UK corporate media just recently – and it’s been total BS.

It started with the Metropolitan Police warning UK citizens that they would be terrrists if they watched the supposed beheading of James Foley. If you’re following the news then you’re a terrrist? Actually, it’s probably more like if you’re able to use the internet, then you’re a terrrist.

Well come on then, I’ve watched it and am still sharing it on bittorrent. I’m not promoting it, it’s set to default upload of 1.25 and it hasn’t reached there in weeks. As soon as I post this I will not be doing my share back (because it’s been reached). I am aware that bittorrent users can be tracked – I appreciate that authorities (spooks) can clearly see my bittorrent activity. It’s very amateur and there’s not an actual beheading in the video.

That was a ramping-up of terrrorism BS (propoganda).

Much more recently – Friday – we’ve had the terrrosim BS alert has increased to be very scared because a terrorist attack is going to happen. It’s such BS because if you analyse the statements of David Cameron and Theresa May there is no intelligence to back it up – It is a political move.

There is no heightened threat of terrrism. People from UK have always gone to engage in wars abroad. You think that they’re going to have the same BS effect in UK – that the people of Croydon have been forced out of their homes and into the mountains of Surrey, are dying from exposure and are relying on humanitarian aid? Get real please.

Do you really accept that tihs that you’re fed?

My  best guess is that USUK are going to go heavy into Syria pretending to go after so-called Isis but actually having that as a secondary purpose.

Two or three weeks ago so-called Isis were USUK allies because they were – together with al the ones using chemical weapons – fighting Syria.

While there’s a heightened terror alert that’s just political BS. Hey be really afraid – you have to cross the road tomorrow.


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Internet radio has been suspended …

Internet radio to all stations has been suspended. I quite enjoyed that …

I wonder who could do that? [ed: no I don’t) Must be a dissident …

2.30am back now

2.40 nah, I can’t listen to the station I wanna. Isn’t there some interference with fundamental rights here? I’ll check

Is back to the analogue radio (still got to fix my fave

5.00 gone again. no internet radio for me. Is weird, no? wf?

5.05am Looks like I am prohibited from listening to internet radio. Isn’t that weird?

Looks like I will have to listen to analog radio. But isn’t that more difficult for you guys to monitor? I mean, you’d have to have analog rather than digital bugs. (My house rather than easy nonsense) Is Weirdness

You hear this: Oh who’s a lovely pussy cat? No going on the road now. Stay away from that road. You sad ****s

5.19am I’m monitoring news using tor. I don’t understand why you are blocking internet radio – it seems very weird and arbitrary and I really cannot see any reason for it. I can always turn an anlog radio on.

ed: Ok. got it. Is reduce my footprint. That’s what you want.

ed: Which raises the Q why?

ed: and the answer is because it’s being sent worldwide – the ‘intelligence’ is shared amoungst uncounted agencies. Well, consider.

ed: I’m going to write some scripts to keep you spooks busy. You’ll have some much nonsense that you’ll have no idea. with love, ;)

13.25 werking again



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Psst: Recut, a Director’s cut?

Yes, I know, it’s very cryptic – try revo.


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The US and UK sucks up to Israel.

It’s about Biblical nonsense that Israel is supposed to be blessed by some Christian nonsense.

Born-again Christian nutters in US are really into it.


ed: Consider who are the not-humans according to Judaism

does that explain some things?

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The Rapid Rebbutal

The Rapid Rebbutal

The Rapid Rebbutal worked fantastically well for New-Labour. It is a New-Labour tactic (mechanism/strategy/policy). They were very depraved feks but they were on it. (ed: they were fantastically (ed: i.e. beyond your imagination depraved)

ed: FM You can’t do it unless you follow that ideology of the untermensch – that Neo-Con ideology.

ed: The untermensch are the goy. ed: All us that are not Jewish.

It worked (better?) fantastically well for me.

(It did work fantastically well for me ~ (There is no news today ;))

ed: That’s 15 March, 2003

Socialist parties, Socialists, Communists, Greens please take heed and use it. It’s about monitoring and a quick response.

ed: Rapid (Quick) && I can assure you that you’ll also find it really good fun to wake the PM up. (although not so much as it’s not Blair any more )

or is it?

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I think that you should talk to me about Cyn

You’re welcome to talk to me.


ed: If you haven’t noticed yet, there is some (good) memory.



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Yes I know the rotund paedo

the rotund paedo freind of Tony

Tonee’s freind


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It’s a Cyn

Pre-pubescent boy

ed: ask me for a statement

ed: Please investigate

ed: ed: I have a statement to make

25/8/14: I want to make a statement which relates to previous issues I have published. I am not making this up, I witnessed it.

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Tried sending an epost to Obama … but it didn’t werk

all ed:

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wasn’t it to be weird?

it wouldn’t be clear

I’m sure it said

that it would be not that clear … or something like that

it was about


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Neo-Con scum are insane

Neo-Cons are so Fascist.

We’ve got to get on – Worldwide.

We have to get on.

ed: We have to negotiate, everything is open to negotiation.

We have to realise that we have to appreciate and respect our differences. We have to progress to where we respect and accept our differences.

I’ts about caring for families. Warfare has to stop.

I am calling out: This is ridiculous and serves no purpous

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Bing! FM I’ve got Bing. Well FO & FU Bing

FM I’ve got Bing

HTF have I got Bing?


ed: How on My Earth?

ed: ed: What tf?


So my ISP has all of a sudden been bought out? but I am still here? It was a very good ISP except that the stats were incredibly crap.

Looks like they are still doin it

Don’t forget the spirit of the internet )

How ever do you want me?

How ever do you need me?


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More no tabs starting with p

Tony Blair

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No tabs starting with p

Lord Falconer

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Back to Basics: I am an anti-Capitalist and an Environmentalist (Green)

Back to Basics. I admit that this phrase is not original and was a phrase used by a philanderer of at least one manic un.

Anyway, I commit (re-commit?) myself to anti-Cap greenism.

ed: I’m not joining a cult or fack. Goodnight.

edit : FM, I find it very difficult. I don’t want to approve, promote or support any political party since I am supposed to be a political dissident. I have and will be voting for the party that wants rail renationalisation and cares for nature and the environment …

supports public transport …

ok, more. I’ve always voted at every opportunity I’ve had. It’s important. It’s also very important to campaign at election time – because the rest of the time they just totally disregard people (us).

There’s a general election coming in May 2005. If you have issues, get involved in the political process. Groups like 38degrees make a difference. Let your MP know your issues – that is democracy – they are supposed to represent you.

TTIP is a real issue at the moment – it’s about surrendering democracy to commercial interests, so that businesses can sue governments. We have to fight Capitalist shits, Neo-Con **** (I’ve gone for a 4-letter word).

ed: and I have to say as a Socialist I can’t vote for any other party

Hey, I’ll make a difference next election as is now the convention ;~)


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An awful lot of Socialists die of heart attacks …

Bob Crow, Socialist Worker activists …

I almost died of a ‘heart attack’ myself when I was at the Bush scum not welcome protest

There are photos of Met Police ..?.. heart attack equipment? An alternative explanation? Health and safety?

I had a Pentogram that protected me.



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I want to see some beautiful Scottish punts …

I’d be printing them now … they would be gorgeous ;)

ed: call the printers

ed: ed: If you’re Scottish, don’t be half Scottish !

ed: ed: ed: That’s good. Please use that. “If you’re Scottish, don’t be half Scottish.”



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Yrs ago … learn a new language …

Draft ~ to be expanded.

Yrs ago …

It was 2001.

I was made redundant. 2001.

The interview was for a comp technician that had to travel all over UK maintaining software at retail outlets all over UK.

It transpired at the interview that the software – and the company – originated in Germany and that there was hostility between the German and UK subsidiary.

I don’t know for certain whether the UK subsidiary still exists but I doubt it.

My suggestion at interview that I should do German with the main company didn’t go down at all well. Real programmers are willing to learn new programming languages at the drop of a hat. You learn languages to understand. FM I should be thought of the day.

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crop circles

There are some wonderful crop circles (don’t mention the pbs)


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US support for Israel must stop immediately

The US cannot support such a genocide. US must stop supporting Israel now.

ed: UK [sorry US] support for Israel is huge – billions of dollars. OK I’m researching it: military, money …

18.15 edit: I got these graphs from Why Israel and other foreign militaries — not the global poor — get the biggest US aid packages. It’s not the whole story because Israel will get aid other than foreign aid.

US foreign aid to Israel 2015


US foreign aid per capita


per capita gdp


5/8/14: $3.1 billion military aid budget from US to Israel



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A conspiracy theory is …

A suspicion that a group has conspired to arranged something …

Is that so difficult to accept?

Don’t political parties conspire to promote something to their best advantage? (spin)

Why shouldn’t other groups conspire to promote things or events to their best advantage?

Don’t they have reasons to do so?

Conspiracy theories

29.7.14 I like ‘conspiracy theories’. Tone doesn’t.


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Coming soon :: Comment on the penumbra

26/7/14 DRAFT subject to many revisions

OK, this is taking longer than expected.

It seems very sensible that those intending to influence government are not terrrists


that is the [ed: very] basis of representative democracy i.e. that elected representatives represent their electors. You cannot be a terrrist on the basis of intending to influence government because that is exactly what active citizens do and are expected to do. That is recognised as completely legitimate action.

penumbra is used as a legal term.



UK definition of terrorism ‘could catch political journalists and bloggers’


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Coming soon :: Call me Al ed :: Let’s call him Al

ed: Alexandr

ed: Looks like you’re having it now instead of coming soon …

Alexandr Litvenienko. Poisoned by Polonium-210. That’s the way it was reported back then. It’s getting reported now that he was poisoned by Polonium …

Alexandr, Alexander. Litvinienko, Litvinenko. The point is that his name is Russian (Russki) – like other foreign languages and alphabets it can’t readily be translated into the English (Latin?) alphabet.

I have been reliably informed that Russki nicknames are often far longer than their original names which seems a lot weird. Anyway let’s call him Al.

ed: the wider meaning of al

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KLF (and Death Bang Party)

Is Old, but eternal


ed: There’s been a really good thunder storm here && I’ve been searching for heavy thunder storm music. Heavy bands could do more with thunder, Er ..

One day my prince will come. Like all of us, I missed mine. He was wonderful and I was prejudged …

Anyway …


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Researching Blair back in 2006/7 and coming across paedo all the time

and I was doubting where my research was taking me

I was developing hypotheses … supplying boys … supplying drugs

Everything about Him was that the shop was open

I was doubting myself ~ why was I coming to paedo, why was it paedo all the time?

Why was any theory or avenue I was researching coming up paedo?

My working hypothesis now is that paedos engage in politics and the judiciary, that their paedoness is their incentive to attain high office beyond the reach of the law.

There is a subsidiary hypothesis that they are identified as paedos and then owned .

It certainly appears that privileged paedos were able to quite literally shaft the working class with immunity. I’m starting to think that was important for them.

It obviously didn’t stop with the Thatcher government because there’s a Blair minister. ed: with Thatcher it looks deliberate that there were so many. I’m not sure if Blair’s government was different.

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Cameron, Clegg and Ed sneak in a snoopers’ charter by the back door

A snoopers’ charter by the backdoor: One day until Drip is forced through

by Ian Dunt

Privacy campaigners are frantically trying to brief MPs about the implications of the data retention and investigatory powers bill (Drip), before it is forced through all of its Commons stages tomorrow.

The more experts look at the bill, the more convinced they’ve become that it provides authorities with the spine of the snoopers’ charter, but without any of the public debate or parliamentary scrutiny which were supposed to accompany it.

The charter – known as the draft communications bill before it was killed off – would have forced internet service providers and mobile operators to keep details of their customers’ behaviour for 12 months.

Analysis of Drip, which was supposed to only extend the government’s current powers for another two years, suggests it forces through many of those requirements on internet firms without any of the political outrage which derailed the earlier effort.

Clause four of the bill appears to extend Ripa – the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (basically Britain’s Patriot Act) – so that the UK government can impose severe penalties on companies overseas that refuse to comply with interception warrants. It also lays out situations in which they may be required to maintain permanent interception capacity.

Clause five then provides a new definition of “telecommunications service”, which includes companies offering internet-based services. That seems to drag services like Gmail and Hotmail into the law, and very probably social media sites like Facebook too.

The government insists the extraterritoriality clause merely makes explicit what was previously implicit. It’s tosh. As the explanatory notes for the legislation – released very quietly on Friday night – make clear, overseas telecommunications companies did not believe they were necessarily under Ripa’s jurisdiction.

“Regarding the amendments to Ripa, in view of the suggestion by overseas telecommunications service providers that the extra-territorial effect of Ripa is unclear, it is considered necessary to amend the legislation to put the issue beyond doubt,” it reads.

“This includes clarifying the definition of a ‘telecommunications service’ to ensure the full range of telecommunications services available to customers in the United Kingdom are included in the definition.”

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband insist Drip merely extends their current powers for two years. That’s nonsense. These two clauses, which have nothing to do with the purported aim of the bill, provide the spine of the snoopers’ charter.

They also appear to provide a legal basis for programmes like Tempora, the project revealed by Edward Snowden to allow GCHQ to tap into transatlantic fibre-optic cables and stored data.

Notably, Privacy International, Liberty and others are taking the government to a tribunal this week on whether Tempora is legal, even though the government won’t even admit its existence. Drip could make the tribunal ruling irrelevant.

read more

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Labour peer’s letters to care home boy

Graville Jenner letter in court

The Guardian: Questions over Labour peer’s letters to care home boy reports “Despite allegations about the peer, no action was taken and he was robustly defended by a number of politicians, including at least one prominent MP who has been openly critical of the government’s response to allegations of historical child abuse by MPs and peers.”

I find it strange that the Guardian was not willing to name Greville Janner. Hardly a secret is it?

No action was taken despite such a letter appearing in court. I wonder who that one prominent MP is.

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I did buy some

ecco shoes

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The New World Order

The New World Order

respects self-determination


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Coming soon … the New World Order I’d like to see

Well, c’mon what new world order would you like?

I’m keen on protecting nature …

ed: I regard it as for negotiation.

Isn’t everything negotiable?

ed: If everything is negotiable, then everything is negotiable. Preconceived notions need to be abandoned. Everything is negotiable. I would FTO (personally ..off)

later ed: I regard now as a time of negotiation (very serious negotiation … changing the balance )

ed: It is negotiable. Everything is negotiable. All previous associations are to be re-nogatiated. Everything is to be negotiated. I would prefer a totally different resolution i.e. don’t bully me.


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The simple way to install Tor for online anonymity

Image of Tor onion networkingThe bad news is that the National Security Agency (the US authority that spies on internet users) targets anyone searching for privacy tools.

NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails Linux users as “extremists”

“Months of investigation by the German public television broadcasters NDR and WDR (ARD), drawing on exclusive access to top secret NSA source code, interviews with former NSA employees, and the review of secret documents of the German government reveal that not only is the server in Nuremberg under observation by the NSA, but so is virtually anyone who has taken an interest in several well-known privacy software systems,” said the ARD report.

The program marks and tracks the IP addresses of those who search for ‘tails’ or ‘Amnesiac Incognito Live System’ along with ‘linux’, ‘ USB ‘,’ CD ‘, ‘secure desktop’, ‘ IRC ‘, ‘truecrypt’ or ‘ tor ‘. It also refers to the Tails Linux distribution as “a comsec mechanism advocated by extremists on extremist forums”.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to install tor anonymity software. Just head over to Torproject, grab the tor browser bundle and follow the instructions.


edit: I support the Tor project by running a Tor relay.

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Cameron says be afraid of evil terrrists in this dangerous world

Image of David Cameron“Sometimes in the dangerous world in which we live we need our security services to listen to someone’s phone and read their emails to identify and disrupt a terrorist plot.”

Cameron said the public needed to be protected from “criminals and terrorists”


The UK Tory coalition government and the so-called Labour Party opposition have joined in a stitch-up to pass excessive spying on the public laws.

The nasty coalition government and its mate the Labour Party are responding to a judgement by the EU Court of Justice that the Data Retention Directive 2006/24/EC was invalid since it “disproportionately restricted individuals’ Charter Rights under Article 7 (respect for private and family life) and Article 8 (protection of personal data).”

Support of this attack on human rights appears to be against Ed Miliband and the Labour Party’s interests: While Miliband is seeking to protect a wafer-thin poll lead, electors vote for what they have already got when they are scared. This is what Ian Blair was doing – suggesting “Bubonic Plague” while campaigning for Tony Blair at the 2005 election. ed: actually that wasn’t what Ian Blair was doing discussing “Bubonic Plague”. That’s what he was pretending to do.     later ed: Let’s say he was doing two things at once.


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once in a while, these innocents are caught up in the maelstrom


except of course they are not innocents caught up in the maelstrom

and of course it was all BS


the ones killed in 77 were …

the ones blamed for 77 were …



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Tony Blair, Terrorist (2)

The BBC reported Building 7 was demolished / fekked / collapsed 23 minuted before it did. I can’t understand this except that it was scripted and Building 7 was late in being collapsed / fekked / demolished. Can it be anything other than following a script? Please explain.

edit: That there was a script to 9/11 that a section of BBC was actively participating in i.e. that would be according to UK government direction. That would be the UK government of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

ed: Please explain. The BBC editors tried …

ed: Just to make absolutely clear: The BBC reported that the Solomon Building also known as Building 7 collapsed. The BBC report was premature and the Soloman building collapsed 23 minutes later.

The BBC reported the premature collapsuation of Building 7 a full 23 minutes before it collapsed – is that a record premature collapsuation?

11/7/14. The purpose of this post is to suggest that the BBC and by extension Tony Blair’s UK government were complicit in the attacks in New York known as 911. I am suggesting that by prematurely announcing the collapse of Building 7, the BBC was following a pre-planned script and that Building 7’s collapse or destruction was delayed according to that script. How else is it explained.

While the BBC is the UK’s state broadcasting corporation, I tend to understand it as comprising of 2 parts: the normal news reporting operation and another section concerned with state propaganda. I do think of these two parts as separate and distinct although the news reporting arm is sometimes biased and misleading.


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Tony Blair, Terrorist

Tony Blair Inc is doing fantastically well – being a conzultant to all the most repressive anti-democratic regimes that there are.

In 1997 Blair was elected with 418 MPs – which I find (edit: so) weird and makes me wonder if all so-called Western democracy is so corrupt.

9/11 He was awfully ‘lucky’ (lucky lucky – we know a song about that;)

He should be so lucky, lucky, lucky

Was it more than luck?

That the Blair was there at that opportune moment …

To stand shoulder to shoulder, to be there at that time … in front of the cameras … so all the rest of the world … could take a lead from …


He was due to address the TUC congress, the organisation that represents UK unions and therefore the UK working class that Bliar as leader of the ‘Socilaist’ working-class was supposed to represent …

but …

all of sudden …

Bliar couldn’t address the TUC congress because there was an international crisis

That was ****ing lucky for Him cos they wanted his head on a spike for shi**ing on the unions and the working-class.

That was awfully lucky for Him

or was it …

arranged that way?

Blair on 9/11

Was it so fortunate that Bliar had a stage to abandon on 11 September, 2001? That he was the first World leader to frame the international response to 911? Was that fortunate or something else?

He was due to address the TUC. Television stations were there to transmit his speech. The World caught it. This is why Bliar is so successful. He is a terrorist.

He said

“This mass terrorism is the new evil in our world today. It is perpetrated by fanatics who are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life and we, the democracies of this world, are going to have to come together to fight it together and eradicate this evil completely from our world.”

By being the first to respond, He framed and constrained the response.

I can’t find the cnut addressing the TUC on 9/11. Can anyone find that? It should be available.


OK, I’ll continue with alleged UK/Blair complicity in 9/11

Don’t you think it’s weird that this lying cnut promoted it so much?


ed: The point I was trying to make – which I have probably failed to make so far – is that Tony Blair was made and has enriched Himself fantastically through His response to 911 and since. TBC. and that’s all

ed: that He’s a terrorist because that’s all that there is about him




… everything was in place for Blair to seize the moment; the planned live coverage of the speech meant that with a little advance warning other news networks around the world could easily link up to Brighton. Official reaction was sparse as governments scrambled to interpret what was going but the word went out that Blair was about to give Britain’s first response.

However tragic the circumstances Blair’s director of communications Alastair Campbell needed no guidance on how to respond: his task was to ensure that Blair’s authority was enhanced. The prepared text was abandoned and the Prime Minister’s instant attempt to address the challenges facing democratic nations could hardly be bettered:

“This mass terrorism is the new evil in our world today. It is perpetrated by fanatics who are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life and we, the democracies of the world, are going to have to come together to fight it together and eradicate this evil completely from our world.”

Later that evening on his return to Downing Street, Blair spoke again to reporters and reinforced his call for solidarity with the United Sates, a soundbite which was replayed time and again on American news channels:

“This is not a battle between the United States of America and terrorism, but between the free and democratic world and terrorism. We therefore here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy.  We, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world.”

Right on cue images were supplied to illustrate the standing “shoulder to shoulder” soundbite. Next morning the pictures reinforced the message as the band of the Coldstream Guards performed the American national anthem the Star-Spangled Banner outside Buckingham Palace during the Changing of the Guard.

Campbell’s orchestration was a masterful demonstration of Blair’s understanding of the demands of the electronic news media and it is little wonder that their ability to exploit a global television audience became the envy of many other governments around the world.  End  Nicholas Jones 5.9.2011

 “People’s Princess”  (you know)

3.55 I have been trying to develop the theme that there is nothing more to Bliar than terrorism.

Terrorism made Blair.

Blair was there straight away, If it wasn’t for terrorism …


4.30 Time for a full stop?

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Police Warning

Police Warning

There’s a potential self-exploding terrrist in the area

He helps old ladies with their gardens

He carries shopping for neighbours

He helps you out if he can

He tries to be a good neighbour

Don’t trust him


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