Wales can object to Hinkley Point C because they were not adequately consulted. All and everyone who can should object to HP3.

I encourage any and everyone and anyone with a legitimate objection to Hinley Point C to pursue that objection.

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I watched that Panorama program about Sellafield last night :: This is draft

I got the impression that the people supposedly in charge were far too relaxed and too fast to excuse anything and everything, that the people in charge of Sellafield were not taking it all seriously.

Isn’t that the impression you got? Oh radioactive half life of Plutonium Pu-239 of 24,100 years. We’ll just put it in this pond here, forget and ignore it and let seagulls

I got the impression that they had no idea about anything – that they were totally inept. they were treating it like it was nothing. Oh yes, no need to worry that we have got this serious radioactive waste which we have ignored for the past 60 years. There’s no need to worry about that we put it in water in these concrete ponds that are falling to bits.

ed: Sellafield is a nuclear waste shithole


Sellafield needs urgent inspections. Please get in there urgently. International, EU inspectors?

ed: I intend to do an article on the Radioactive Pollution of Irish Sea which is largely due to Sellafield.

16/9/16: it has been announced that Theresa May’s Conservative government are going for Sellafield C in partnership with EDF and China.

I intend to further investigate and publish on Sellafield’s irrsponsible and fantastically negligent actions of pollution of the Irish Sea and their ridiculous shite pools.

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The shocking state of the Sellafield nuclear shitehole

Sellafield – originally called Windscale but the name was changed as a PR stunt after the 1957 Windscale fire – was built initially as a plant producing plutonium to build the UK’s first nuclear bombs. Political pressures dictated that the plutonium was produced quickly … so that the UK would have nuclear bombs sooner. Everything was secondary to producing the plutonium quickly. There’s also the issue that there was very little experience or expertise in running nuclear reactors – it had only been done in the States at that time. UK and USSR were desperate to catch up.

The Sellafield site is a huge sprawling mess of past endeavours. It is now a nuclear shitehole having accumulated foreign as well as UK’s nuclear waste extremely poorly stored and mismanaged. Sellafield is a filthy nuclear waste site that dumps thousands of litres of radioactive waste into the Irish Sea daily.

Central to Sellafield’s crap storage of nuclear waste are vast open-air storage ponds 5 or 6 metres deep. There is nothing high-tech about these ponds – they are simply rotting concrete ponds dating from the 50s containing water and highly radioactive waste open to the elements. There are accounts of flocks of seagulls, sparrows and other birds spreading this radioactivity since there is no way of preventing them.

Since Sellafield’s workers sign the Official Secrets Act, we rely on whistle-blowers for inside information. A whistle-blower leaked photos of the shocking ponds to the Ecologist magazine in 2014. [These photos are actually taken from the Guardian].

Shitty open-air pond at Sellafield nuclear waste dump containing spent nuclear fuel rods. Notice the seabird on the surface getting a dose of radiation to spread far and wide.

Shitty open-air pond at Sellafield nuclear waste dump containing spent nuclear fuel rods. Notice the seabird on the surface getting a dose of radiation to spread far and wide.

Weeds growing around derelict machinery at Sellafield nuclear waste dump.

Weeds growing around derelict machinery at Sellafield nuclear waste dump.

Another seabird in one of Sellafield nuclear dump's open-air ponds.

Another seabird in one of Sellafield nuclear dump’s open-air ponds.

The Ecologist says

The images … from an anonymous source, show the state of spent nuclear fuel storage ponds that were commissioned in 1952, and used until the mid-1970’s as short term storage for spent fuel until it could be re-processed, producing plutonium for military use. However they were completely abandoned in the mid-1970s and have been left derelict for almost 40 years.

NOTE: The full set of original leaked photos is now placed in the public domain, available here.

The photographs show cracked concrete tanks holding water contaminated with high levels of radiation, seagulls bathing on the water, broken equipment, a dangerous mess of discarded items on elevated walkways, and weeds growing around the tanks.

The fuel storage ponds, the largest measuring 20m wide, 150m long and 6m deep, are now completely packed with spent fuel in disastrously poor condition.

If the ponds drain, the spent fuel may spontaneously ignite

The ponds are now undergoing decommissioning in order to restore them to safe condition. But the process is fraught with danger – and nuclear expert John Large warns that massive and uncontrolled radioactive releases to the environment could occur.

“This pond is build above ground”, he said. “It’s like an concrete dock full of water. But the concrete is in dreadful condition, degraded and fractured, and if the ponds drain, the Magnox fuel will ignite and that would lead to a massive release of radioactive material.

“Looking at the photos I am very disturbed at the degraded and run down condition of the structures and support services. In my opinion there is a significant risk that the system could fail.”

“If you got a breach of the wall by accident or by terrorist attack, the Magnox fuel would burn. I would say there’s many hundreds of tonnes in there. It could give rise to a very big radioactive release. It’s not for me to make comparisons with Chernobyl or Fukushima, but it could certainly cause serious contamination over a wide area and for a very long time.”

New Scientist: Shocking state of world’s riskiest nuclear waste site

URGENT clean-up of two of the world’s most dangerous radioactive waste stores will be delayed by at least five years, despite growing safety fears.

The waste is stored at the UK’s Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site, which holds radioactive waste dating back to the dawn of the nuclear age. An accident at the derelict site could release radioactive materials into the air over the UK and beyond.

Last week, the UK government sacked the private consortium running the £80-billion-programme to clean up Sellafield, and gave the job back to its own agency, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The clean-up operation, scheduled to end by 2120, costs the government £1.9 billion a year.

The private consortium, Nuclear Management Partners, was meant to “bring in world-class expertise” and allow the government to “get to grips with the legacy after decades of inaction”, according to a 2008 statement by Mike O’Brien, energy minister at the time. But six years on, the privatisation experiment has been abandoned.

The surprise renationalisation comes after delays at two of the four waste stores prioritised for clean-up. The four ponds and silos contain hundreds of tonnes of highly radioactive material from more than 60 years of operations. The decaying structures are cracking, leaking waste into the soil, and are at risk of explosions from gases created by corrosion.



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Coming soon: filthy nuclear

I intend to bring a series about filthy nuclear soon.

It seems that the real issue is and always has been nuclear waste.

I am very disappointed by so-called pro-nuclear environmentalists e.g. Monbiot. I sincerely hope that they reconsider their positions/perspectives. I find it very strange that such people are so concerned by farmyard shit pollution of streams while being indifferent to plutonium shit pollution of the Irish Sea.

I’ve been researching this lately. It is clear the Windscale / Sellafield is a total nuclear shithhole. They have vast open-air radioactive ponds there. Pigeons and seagulls have landed in these serious radioactive ponds to spread radioactivity far and wide.

The Windscale Fire in 1957 was hugely covered up. Radioactivity spread to South-East England and to Europe while Windscale workers were told to work as normal and not tell anyone. UK children have plutonium in their teeth, more according to how close to Sellafield they are. UK authorities have succeeded in conspiring that their childhood leukaemias are not caused by Windscale/Sellafield.

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Some hard real reality here on Climate Change

Ridiculous unnecessary transport is a huge contributor to climate change.

Commuting by jet planes is causing climate change. Get a job closer to home you US climate vandals.

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Dumping Radiactive Waste UK & Europe

by National Geographic

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C’mon. All aboard, All Adoard: Calling all disenfranchised Socialists

All Aboard, All Aboard. Disenfranchised Socialists.

Disenfranchised Socialists.

You are disenfranchised because you have nobody to vote for.

It’s not my place to say this – you are so totally aware of it.

All aboard. All Aboard.

Together we are strong.

1.50AM EDIT: We are strong.

2amish Whatever happens, we are stronger and we are progressing.

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Philip Greed, BHS and Lionheart

Philip Green actually owns three yachts – the new Lionheart at 90 metres, the 63 metre previous Lionheart renamed Lionheart V and a 33 meter fast sports yacht called Lionchase.

Tax evader [ed: avoider. Oops, sorry so easy to make that mistake] Green was appointed by previous Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to advise on austerity.

Sir Philip Green to examine government spending

[H]is appointment was criticised by Paul Kenny, head of the GMB union, who pointed out that Sir Philip’s wife – the named owner of Arcadia – lives in the tax haven of Monaco.

He said: “If we were seeking advice about marketing or selling clothes he is someone you might ask. This is about the health, education and care of millions of our fellow citizens – not about importing cheap clothing.”

And the Public and Commercial Services Union, which represents civil servants, said: “It’s not that surprising that the millionaires in the cabinet have appointed a billionaire to say that their cuts, which will devastate communities in the UK, are ‘fair’.”

But Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude defended Sir Philip’s appointment, saying he had a “sharp eye for detail” and could guide the government on contracts and leases signed up to in future.

“He’s shown how he can turn around big complex businesses. Government is a huge complex organisation, and while it’s not the same as a business, a lot of the same disciplines are needed,” he added.

Was he advising Osborne?

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Jeremy Corbyn vs Richard Branson, corporate media & many chickencoup MPs

Don’t forget to holiday at Necker Island


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Hinkley Point C

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn should be commended in opposing and Prime Minister Theresa May should be commended in showing caution and wisdom in the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. There are so many causes for concern in these proposals. Hinkley Point C should not proceed at any cost and there should be thorough, clear and sober assessment.

The proposed Hinkley Point C reactors (2 of them) are a new and unproven design of reactor, the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR). EPRs are a form of Pressurised Water Reactor.

The four EPRs already being built have all experienced construction problems and are all uncompleted, over-budget and delayed by years.

Four EPR units are under construction. The first two, in Finland and France, are both facing costly construction delays (to at least 2018). Construction commenced on two Chinese units in 2009 and 2010.[1] The Chinese units were to start operation in 2014 and 2015,[2] but are now expected to come online in 2017.[3]

Olkiluoto 3 in Finland was scheduled to go online in 2009. It is currently expected to start operation in 2018. source It is hugely over-budget. source

Flamanville 3 in France was due to start operation in 2012. It is currently delayed until late 2018. source

These dates of 2018 should be regarded as optimistic spin likely to be superseded with later dates.

Flamanville‘s lid and base to the reactor vessel are flawed and below the required standard, weakened by excessive carbon content in the steel. There are suggestions that the French nuclear safety authority (ASN) may require that the vessel is replaced or even that the project is abandoned.

Areva aware ‘as early as 2006’ of serious fault in nuclear reactor destined for UK

UPDATE 2-French regulator delays decision on EDF Flamanville reactor to end-2016

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Hey Russell Brand, watching your movie

and really enjoying it.

I think it’s great. Only about 1/3 way through yet.

Up yer bum

ed: Still going. Enjoying it

ed: Good fillum mate. She just died

ed: The end was crap but then you can’t please anyone ;)


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Jeremy Corbyn seems to be doing fine …

My analysis is that the disenfranchised – through being denied the ability to vote for anybody that represented their interests – are no longer disenfranchised. I suggest that the claims that a Corbyn government is unelectable is very seriously challenged. (I’m being polite ;)


Corbyn:”It’s not about me. It’s about what we have to do together”

“We’re all going to have to work hard together”

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It’s not anti-Semitic …

to recognise that Israel subjects Palestinian children to cruel and degrading treatment


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Aren’t these Labour MPs right-winghers? right-whingers?

I’m contemplating a compare and contrast …

A brick through your office window …

It’s hardly like you were persecuted is it? I can do a huge contrast here

A brick through your office window. You’re really not MP material, are you?

I can beat that one thousand times

He threatened to talk to my dad …

You’re not really MP material, are you?

ed: Please, more of your ridiculous whinging. It’s really entertaining that you’re really so precious. Oh, right-whingers it must be so difficult. Do you feint? It must be soo distressing for you, such gentle things.


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Owen Smith pretends to be a leftie

I’ve got to expand this bit but it’s obvious that he’s very recently become a leftie – very likely since the Labour Party are keen on Socialist Jeremy Corbyn. It is clearly a very recent conversion. I’ll get back to it.



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Tony Blair. pretender

Tony Blair may have been elected Prime Minister but he assumed a crown that was not his.

I campaigned against Bliar in his illegitimate and falsified USUK war against Iraq. Tonee claimed illegitimate authority and I opposed him.

I was wiped from police records – it was as if I didn’t exist. Hmm.

Any policeman who made enquiries about me got a visit from MI5. Why on Earth should Ii have such attention?

Why did I not exist?

I wonder if it had anything to do with Tony Blair. (not)

I was exactly right in my nntp post – should we demean ourselves? … that there are gods walking amoung us

and didn’t Bush and Blair ponce about like they were gods? That’s what got me going – they were behaving like gods

ed: There you go then

ed: ed: I don’t know how it works to be honest but I would expect to notice if you were deposed. Well what do you think?

Comments are welcome. I think that your email address will not be shown. Try it with a fake email address. ed: No it’s OK. I’ve got to allow them, I’ll delete your email address.

ed It’s after I realised about the maths of it all. John Reid, cnut. Journalists. I think that Blair is a pretender.

Well he is. More than a pretender. A total fraud. That was Blair I don’t think he had anything else.

Assuming fake legitimacy – that’s Tony Blair.

I did actually wonder how I was so powerful stating that he didn’t have a mandate or any legitimacy.

There you go.

What was his office called? Ho?

ed: Ho Ho

I think that we’re waking loads of people up now ;) Morning Terry

I used to wake Bliar up. Better get used to it ;)

Well it is Full Moon ;)

Can we crucify IB now please?

Myrobella Ho

Morning Terry, sorry to get you up but then it does come with the job. I did that queen’s (mum actually) messenger bit. You know, all that, I’ve got the name, the birthdate all that nonsense, a pink rabbit suit when I was a really young kid, I couldn’t help it to be honest. I agree it’s just nonsense isn’t it? I expect that you were warned. That’s the British establishment for you. Please express my thanks to the SAS – and to those in charge of them – for looking after me all those years ago. I had about three or four different nations folowing me. I could provide some advice to them actually.

I won’t do any more. Better get some sleep, eh ;)

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I’d like to go sailing

and leave it all behind.

I’m going sailing

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Haven’t you had enough of this Capitalist Bullshit? We are many – they are few

Haven’t you had enough of this Capitalist Bullshit? We are many – they are few

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