Clegg claims …

… to be not associated


Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan

or Cyril Smith

Smith the Man-RAP

Cyril Smith

who will he claim not to be associated nixt?


[I want it to be absolutely clear that is historical and absolutely not current]


edit: I am pulling attention to Clegg’s past associations. I do not intend to and I consider it unfair to extrapolate to his current associations.#

Further edit: In this context.

Further further edit: This post is about Nick Clegg being associated with Leon Brittan. Nick Clegg worked in Leon Brittan’s office. Nick Clegg has always been a Tory and was a member of Cambridge University Conservative Association.

Nick Clegg Leon Brittan

search now – it will probably change


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And I’m thinking

Well thank you very much

Now I’ll carry on with my life




I mean

I was a political blogger

that’s what I was about


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Elm Lodge Guest House, Barnes


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Nick Clegg, Leon Brittan, PIE, paedo

Nick Clegg, Leon Brittan, PIE, paedo …

Nick Clegg is very keen to not be associated with Leon Brittan … but didn’t he work in Leon Brittan’s office?

Is it more than Nick Clegg is a Conservative? I think that (it) is established – he was at (a Conservative at) University and there is the Blue ‘Yellow’  Orange Book.

Leon Brittan. I’m certainly forming the impression that She got a gang of very sexually predatory on young people around her deliberately. I am have also have a very strong impression (or more) that this continued into the Blair years and that it may well be the way of Westminster …

later: Leon Brittan is prominent in Barnes (and Private Eye ;)

Later: Leon Brittan – as Thatcher’s Home Secretary didn’t act against PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange. I don’t wonder why

edit: it may be worth thinking about how She protected them – there may be a pattern.

2am This may be about Nick Clegg and Leon Brittan.

Nick Clegg was a Tory at university and worked in Leon Brittans’ office afterwards. There’s more to it that that.

Nick Clegg hides the fact that he was a Tory and that he worked in the Tory office of Leon Brittan. Leon Brittan is very so obviously very suspect. FM just leave the kids alone.

Times have changed

er, but that’s no excuse for being a totally nasty bastard

Later: I am available to be employed as a consultant (conditions apply)

Later later: That’s a mistake, no? I did have a blanket last time I was in the cells – but shouldn’t everyone deserve a blanket without scabies and a cup of tea without pubes? Yes, even those protesters. Isn’t the point about democracy is that you can object? I think so. And I hate starting a sentence with and but lets consider the idea of democracy. [edit: I don't think that makes sense but then it is nearing 3am and I am drunk.]

continuing .

We have general elections in UK every five years. The problem here is that they make promises, they are elected on the basis of those promises but they don’t then keep those promises.

For example, Cameron said no top down reorganisation of the NHS. He’s totally renaged on his pre-election promise / commitment there. I think that he lied. It’s for you to decide if he lied. But he did.

How are these people different from criminals?

3am The point about protesters/demonstrators is that everyone in a democratic society have and – I think – an absolute right to show their opposition to how they are governed. I think that this is central to a democracy – it’s more than that challenges should be heared and considered. It’s also about being denied any medium of expression apart from demonstrating.

I submit that demonstrations and protests should be facilitated in any democratic society and that it is a legitimate political expressions.

Further: I consider that demonstrations of all political persuasions (should be) are facilitated. Counter-demonstrations should have the same regard for their rights.

edit: I suggest that political expression of all sorts should be facilitated in a democratic society. That includes protest/demonstration and counter protest/demonstration

edit: This post was originally about Nick Clegg and his being a Tory from his University days, and that he served as a Tory in Leon Brittan’s office in URUP (Europe). It should be known that Nick Clegg was a Tory and worked in Leon Brittan’s office but he’s pretending otherwise. That’s a matter of fact that Nick Clegg is hiding.

This post has gone beyond that as they do on my blog. I suggest and submit that the political system in UK should facilitate demonstrations of discontent and such demonstrations should be regarded as an integral part of UK’s democratic system. I submit that protest is a part of any democratic society. It’s a shame and probably to their detriment that governments ignore protests.

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The New World Order

This is the New World Order

It is to be negotiated i.e. re-negotiated


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I find it very easy

to say

I just don’t believe your bullshit

I want you to do that too#

later: It’s such nonsense


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I call end to it

The new world order is

a world of


later: I mean negotiation – talking to each other, reaching agreement, negotiating.



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What I’ve been up to report

OK calmed down a bit now …

I was watching a youtube vid about the great secret of Freemasonry yesterday. It was a very old, long and boring vid probably originally done in 8mm with the normal USian uncritical acceptance of Christianity.

I only watched, then listened to the first half hour or so of the over two hours. I understand far better now some masons attitude (and that I may have done it repeatedly ;). They’re not all the same of course.

I’ve redone my gateway / firewall / tor relay machine because of the OpenSSL vulnerability. It wasn’t strictly necessary but why not?

I managed to issue a rm -rf /etc/ instead of a rm -rf etc/ which made things interesting. Practice makes perfect and I learned about patching and compiling OpenBSD kernels and the excellent PF firewall. It’s not necessary to recompile OpenBSD’s kernel for the Heartbleed patch but is for others. OpenBSD 5.5 is released 1st May so I can do it all again soon.

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C’mon then. Let’s do the Truth Game

Will be continuing and added to

When I was first at University. Actually it was at a Polytechnic which was later called an University (but it was still very crap since we are doing the Truth Game).

So the point is that us students who were in our late teens and early twenties at the time would do the Truth Game which was not really a game. We would often be drunk which was probably far better for the Truth Game and what would happen is that we would be totally truthful. We’d be drunk and take turns in telling the truth


Well it’s obviously very ***what?*** that ppl regard my comments in such high regard. Well I do consider my comments and think that I at least able to think, consider and discriminate. I do think that I’m able to evaluate things reasonably. Having said that I am and always have been a Socialist – by which I mean that I care about people far more than letting people rich.

Since this is the Truth ‘Game’ I really don’t like it that I am a suspected terrorist. I am instead a political activist.

I believe that terrorism is used to control people through fear.

Do you really believe that a man in a cave in Afghanistan …? Does anyone really believe that nonsense?

Anyway, since we are doing Truth, terrorists are people that oppose governments. C’mon haven’t you noticed (Snowden) how really governments are the terrorists?

There’s nothing wrong with opposing governments. That’s what political parties do. They compete to be the government.

I want it understood without any doubt here: UK police regard me as a suspected terrorist because (later edit: despite) I am a political activist engaging in totally legal and legitimite democratic activity.

It’s truth. F it while we’re on religion that pisses me off too. It’s the Truth Game. Why tf can’t you be your own gods? Well you obviously are. You don’t need a dog


10/4 3.10am or so

Garlic is very good. I eat loads of garlic and it works well. Try it.


It does amuse me that so many people are watching this blog so intently. Hi.

Hi and good morning


03.40 or so

What I’d like to do is just get on with my life. I would appreciate if you would just get on with your lives. I have achieved my clearly stated intention of years ago that I wanted to discriminate reality from bullshit. Now I would like to get on with my life. That’s not to say that I will not be politically active because there are quite obviously huge Capitalist attacks on people. Since this is Truth I am an anti-Capitalist.

and I want nothing to do with those that have ridiculous secrets and actually not so secret codes  [later edit: I get the impression that these people want to be associated with people who accomplish more than is usual.There’s more to it than that. But – and I really don’t like starting a sentence with a but hate

- however well they’re ‘born’ assimilation is refused.

Assimilation is refused

It’s Truth here, the Truth ‘game’. That’s where we are. I am so pissed off at the crap I endured when I was much younger AND nobody should endure such crap because of you.

C’mon shall I just say how it was? You were total cnuts. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. You are cnts. I’ve stated that clause 50 no longer applies. This is truth.

You treat people like shit. How are you going to be regarded?

There’s actually far more to it than that e.g. what is expected /


I am a Socialist and an anti-Capitalist. I on the side of the poor, the oppressed victims of Capitalism. I am opposed to the rich exploiters and polluters of this World.

04.18 am or so. Other people have got to take my place

5.50 We’re still doing the truth game.

I had a hard time when I was young and it always seemed to be because of ‘you’. You were cnts at every turn when I tried to improve my position. Fkin aspiration they call it now. I hate starting a sentence with and. And what was it against me?

Assimilation is refused


That’s Foxtrot Oscar


I haven’t even started on the Blairs …


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Tonee’s your man / one ?

Well obviously ….

never had a fight in his life …

taught to believe that everything that he is says is true …

gentlemen cannot lie …

what wonderful socialised rhinoceros skins you have

what what

ed: I want absolutely no involvement. I am not interested and would appreciate reciprocality. eded: reciprociy>

eded: Please carry on without me


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I’m going to do a post about the logical inconsistency of that’s how it’s always been done.

Because of course there is no logical argument there.

ed: But if it’s a warning, how on Earth can it be a pre-warning?


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I got an email from Ed Miliband today

I was very surprised to get it and even more surprised to be subscribed to some shite Labour Party email list. He asked me – or at least it was an email from Ed Miliband -

will you help us get Cameron’s government out so we can scrap the gagging law?

and it was in bold

Well, WTF (that’s why the fuck) should I when you are totally indistinguishable from the ToryLibDems?

ed: It’s usually what TF

I do support many of 38Degrees’ campaigns so I may have sent Ed an email. I do however think that it’s out of order that I get this reply to an (I assume that I sent him an email). The point is that I must have been pointing out that the gagging bill/act should be opposed not that I was so willing to be such a gullible soul (ass) that I would support him or the Labour Party and their fing fantastic vaccuity. I most certainly will not support that Mr. Invisible Nothingness.

Next Conversation [right arrow]

Thank you for getting in touch with me about the gagging law. I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you.

To hear from thousands of you was inspiring. It galvanised my belief that when people can stand up like you did and hold politicians to account our democracy is alive and well. And I have no intention of allowing the Tories and Lib Dems to silence you.

So I want you to be the first to know: a Labour government will repeal David Cameron’s gagging law.


Tell me: will you help us get Cameron’s government out so we can scrap the gagging law?The answer is Fuck Off you useless shit

Ed: Perhaps I should elaborate: I would appreciate a left opposition that fought against attacks on the working class and disabled.

Ed: There’s much more than that actually: We need a commitment to repeal the Tories attack on the NHS. The NHS is sacrosanct.

Big tax-dodgers. If they’re not willing to pay UK tax then F them off.

more, to be continued

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If I was to negotiate

I wouldn’t.

The NHS is a universal service according to need.

That’s it.

06.35 Looks like we’re going to get rid of these shits then …

25 / 35 ?

Looks like Goodnight Vienna (whatever that means;)



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I object to Met Pol having killing machines

I object to Met Pol having killing machines which cause heart attacks.

I believe that the Metropolitan Police have a tool that is able to kill people by inducing a heart attack. Any democratic society needs an accountable police service that respects the rights of protest and demonstration.



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Are there people listening here?

Please keep listening

Love you


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The Baldwin St nonsense

The nonsense when Daddy Bush was at Euston Rd

edit: I’m proud to have called him a shit then

actyally: I probably didn’t call him a shit. My chant was “Bush scum. Not welcome”. I am certain that he heard it. People coming to the hotel were visibly pissed-off.

ed: We were across a small side street while he was addressing people in a basement across the road. He and all the rich cnuts listening to him heard us.

G8 bicycle accident bollox

“pretty good speed”

77 G8 bollox


911 bollox

c mon

ed: there are photos of this event including a relly wierd nasty Met Pol klill em device. Met Pol have a heart attack nasty heart attack killing machine

ed: it was used on me ed: that day

ed: it’s a long van & looks like a long cylinder – 10 foot or so

04.20 more than 10 foot, 20 foot :::4:25 more than 10 foot, 15 foot

photos of the day

ed: the police on the day had us surrounded on Euston Rd. They moved back to give the device a clear hit because of Health and Safety concerns. They moved back for Health and Safety.

ed: The police moved back to give it a good hit. I was hit but was protected by my Pentogram!


:4.30 I am fairly certain the Baldwin St nonsense was for me. There were soldiers there instead of police.

soldiers pretending to be police

OK, about 5 years ago there were military helicopters flying over Bristol. Over Speedwell.

That area just north of Eastville Park.

Sorry, St. George’s Park.

Just north of St. George’s Park.

WTF. Military helicopters over Speedwell?

ed: I don’t lie

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What’s the worst that could appen?

You could get killed.    edit: I was thinking about myself actually i.e. I could get killed. We’re all gonna die.

er, later edit: If you’re scared of dying, are you living?

Actually, I’ve found that they’re pretty crap at that.

Am I asking for it?

Oh well


ed: I do it without figuring and it’s always right

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What happens if I say I’m not playing?

To be continued, subject to amendmend

I have not ever and will never take any vows

ed: that’s not playing

2pm: Not that anyone is asking. It can be considered to apply in a wider context.

I’m going to stop posting for a while again.

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The trouble with movies and philums

The trouble with movies and philums

is that they are divoced from reality.

Is that the trouble

or are

they a distraction,

designed to contort,





They tell you

what is

ed: Although the news

is the best ever entertainment


The South Sea

is full of shit


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Can I do my own eulogy? (CONTINUING and subject to ammendment until someone does a real one)

Well why not?

There’s been loads of crap spooks about me lately. They are very lacking in imagination and intelligence. They are just crap steryotypes, empty crapiness.

Back to the eulogy,

I’ve done it already. I am sincerely sorry to all those that I have hurt that were my lovers. I also sincerely apologise to all those people that did not deserve my wrath. There are a few incidents in ‘Chelsea’ that I want to particularly include in this apology. I am sorry.

I’ll get on with my own eulogy later although I hope that it is accepted that I have never been deliberately a cnut to anyone. I have tried not to be a cnut.

Pissed. I don’t intend to die soon. I need to do some serious sailing firsrt.


What do you think should be my eulogy?

Was a political activist

28/3/14: My eulogy is not important because I will be dead. A eulogy is usually nonsense anyway and I hope to die in some distant place where it will never even be noticed. I’m sorry that I’ve been unfair to people, I’m sorry that I’ve hurt people. I didn’t mean to unless they deserved it.

later: and I apologise since I think that I may have been out of order in a very recent since hidden post


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You have to be 25 before you’re considered to be shit

You’ve got to be 25 before you’re considered to be shit

in UK now

edit: Before then you’re not even shit

further edit: Because you have no money you don’t count

further further edit: You most certainly count to me

edit: What’s this Fascist bollox that there is this arbitrary 25 years old nonsense? Fuck off. 25 years? Well just fuck off!

25 years? Fuck off now

edit: It looks like all these suppermarkets are well out of order refusing to sell alcohol to 18 year olds. I suggest that you refuse to move from the checkout until they sell it to you. Fuck em, Fascist Scum

edit: Supermarkets should comply with the law. Why are they discriminating against people under 25? Fuck off Supermarkets, 18 year olds are adults who are legally entitled to buy alcohol. Allow 18 year olds to buy alcohol immediately. edit: er, or else.


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Some time ago I asked that I was not obstructed in my endeavours. A second Masonic cnut from the same borderline district has discriminated against me involving prejudice, obstruction and harassment.

This has happened to me for years and regular readers will appreciate that I am fully aware why it is addressed at me and addressed at people similar to myself. That doesn’t mean that I am willing to tolerate it.

The point is that these Masonic cnuts are bullies hiding behind their – actually not so hidden in plain sight – principles and practices. They’re bullies because they gang up on unsuspecting individuals while hiding so that the gang is not identified. It makes me want to give them some of the same back. 00.11 edit I need to reinstate the mirror. 00.12 Mirror is back

I’m not willing to tolerate it any more – it’s the principal.


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You won’t believe what they’re planning for your hospital…
38 Degrees | Frequently Asked Questions

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The Rapture Rupture

Image of the rapture when real Christians go without any notice

the rapture

Please give these people the respect that they deserve

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My situation, the situation

Suggestions are welcome.

1am: carry on

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The censored Great White Shark


This is the one you can’t view for security reasons – it’s censored.

Don’t view this image. Danger, Danger, Danger Oh too late

That was so dangerous. You’ve looked at it now. Be very, very, very afraid.



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More Great White Sharks

because they are so beautiful && pisses them off so much

Error Great-White-Shark-1a Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.
It’s an image of a Great White Shark with it’s mouth open. I want to show it to you but it’s censored. You are not permitted to see a photo of an open-mouthed Great White Shark. I’ll try again.

123_1Great_White_Shark_Perfect_Proportion Great White Shark1 413_1teeth_shadow_great_white_shark great-white-shark-picture great-white-up-close_6455_600x450b great_white_shark_wallpaper-normal5.4


1/3/14: shark ‘right’ ;)

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Image of a Great White Shark

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The Med

The plan has changed. The plan now is learn to sail <will happen>, get a boat, sail the Med this yer and possibly many more yers.

edit: and also much more sailing

later: My boat will be renamed ‘Eau de Vie’

Yes I know – rough brandy but literally the water of life


later later: just checked it out

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I can do it again

One of those cryptic messages again that only a few will catch the meaning.

I am really pleased that I can do it again

and I will

be doing it again

edit: Yers ago before I knew anything about this m****k I did another m****k. It’s returned now, I am able to do it again and I am very pleased.

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UK politics news

A selection of recent UK and international political articles.

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UK politics news

A selection of recent UK and international news articles

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Appeal against the bedroom tax!

There’s a judgement that says a bedroom is a room furnished as a bedroom or used to sleep in. All bedroom tax decisions can be appealed. Time is running out to appeal.

The Bedroom Tax is Dead here’s why | SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

Bedroom Tax – Finally Killed by Plain Old Common-Sense?

The effect of this outbreak of common-sense is that, potentially, any or all of the original Bedroom Tax decisions taking effect last April are wrong – as councils cannot have known the actual situation and were making decisions based on an assumption that the rooms concerned were bedrooms. What’s more, despite the time elapsed since then, these decisions are still appealable – appeals can be accepted up to thirteen months after the date of the original decision. This clearly makes it important to act quickly. Anyone in any doubt about the correctness of their Bedroom Tax decision should write to the local authority decision-maker and seek an appeal in their own individual case. But this must be done soon – it will probably be too late by April.

The implications of this legal development may even go so far as to invalidate all of the decisions. If a room isn’t habitually used as a bedroom, it may fall outwith the normal everyday definition of the word – and therefore beyond the scope of the legislation as it stands. Technically, in order to assess whether a particular room qualifies as a “bedroom”, the local authority would have to go out and inspect it. In practice, this would be a task on a scale made impossible by limitations on resources. But unless a property has been thus assessed, then no decision can properly be made.


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UK politics news

A small selection of recent UK politics news articles

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UK politics news

A small selection of news articles about UK and international politics …

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UK politics news

Recent articles about UK politics, some about the Catholic Church policy of protecting paedos and some about Edward Snowden

Socialist Party :: Who’s robbing our NHS?

The National Health Service is under attack as never before. In this feature, a GP from north-west England looks at the effect of a huge government push for privatisation while nurse Claire Job looks at the predatory actions of the pharmaceutical industry.

NHS watchdog says Virgin Care-run clinic put patients at risk | Society | The Guardian

The NHS watchdog has accused a privately run urgent care centre of putting patients’ health at risk by using receptionists with minimal medical training to assess how unwell arrivals were.

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) report has criticised the operation of the urgent care centre at Croydon hospital in south London, which is run by Virgin Care. CQC inspectors found the centre was in breach of four basic standards of care and have told Virgin Care to outline by next week the remedial action it is taking.

The CQC’s report, based on inspections of the centre last July and September, concluded that “care and treatment was not planned and delivered in a way that was intended to ensure people’s safety and welfare”.

38 Degrees interview: Meet British politics’ spammer-in-chief

MPs have come to despise 38 Degrees for clogging up their inboxes with emails from constituents. They need to get used to it – because this model of campaigning-by-email-bombardment isn’t going away.

For an organisation only set up in 2009, 38 Degrees has notched up its fair share of victories. It forced the coalition government’s first big U-turn, on the forests sell-off. It called for more free school meals – and Nick Clegg duly announced they were being rolled out for all infants. It raised enough cash to pay for the judicial review which successfully challenged health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s plans to shut down key services at Lewisham hospital.

“It’s not often you can say ‘I took the government to court and won’, but that’s what thousands of 38 Degrees members could say last year,” its executive director David Babbs tells me. We’re seated at a meeting table in the middle of the 38 Degrees office in central London. From here, the small team of around 15 staff coordinate the activities of its 2.2 million members. Compare that to the 193,000 members of the Labour party – and the 130,000 Tory party members – and you get a sense of the scale of the operation.

Vatican ‘kept code of silence’ on paedophile priests, claims UN report – World Politics – World – The Independent

Snowden leak: GCHQ DDoSed chatrooms of Anonymous, LulzSec • The Register

Pulling power: Wendi Deng reportedly wrote a letter praising Tony Blair’s body – but she’d hardly be the first to go weak at the knees – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

Strangely written from the deluded and divorced from reality perspective of Tony Blair.

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UK politics

Recent UK politics articles and one about abuse in Florida.

“I want to use this election to raise awareness of the imminent danger posed to the NHS by the EU/US trade agreement which will allow American companies to carve up the NHS and make the privatisation process irreversible.

“I also want to alert the public to the gravity of the threat to the NHS from this government with its programme of cuts, hospital closures and privatisation and to send a powerful message to politicians in Westminster and Brussels that people will not stand by and let their NHS be destroyed.

“If elected, I will strive to ensure that EU regulations don’t adversely affect the NHS and are always in the best interests of the health of British people. The health of the nation spans all areas of policy from the environment to the economy”.



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UK politics news

Recent UK politics news articles


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UK politics

A few recent UK (& other) politics articles

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John Reid, 99

later: Well be awfully afraid. You can’t possibly take more than 100ml of anything because you’re a terrorist unless proved otherwise.

Total bullshit. Be afraid you plebs.

Shall we discuss the impossibility of Hydrogen Pyroxide bombs?

Shall we discuss dust explosions?

later later: I think that’s the ABSOLUTE impossibility of Hydrogen Pyroxide bombs. I can engage you with this because it is absolute bullshit.

20.40 There are mistakes. I do claim that the notion of liquid bombs that can be concocted in minutes … leading to bans of materials on aircraft … is absolute terrorism bullshit / fake manufactured terrorism … courtesy of former Home Secretary John Reid.


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