How to successfully treat a Clostridium Difficile Infection: Self-report of a trivial and successful C.Diff intervention

At your own risk: I have not had medical training, which may be a distinct advantage

Please see the Latest treatment recommendations.

Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff) is a nasty superbug that ruins peoples’ lives. C.Diff is a normal part of many people’s microbiota (bugs in their guts) without causing any problems. It is also caught from medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. C.Diff is a problem following the use of antibiotics: C.Diff becomes dominant once the microbiotic balance is disturbed.

Clostridium Difficile has two forms: an anaerobic form that exists inside the body and spores that can survive in an aerobic environment i.e. outside the body. The spores are how C.Diff spreads. The spores germinate as a response to bile fluids and thereby infect or re-infect a host person.

Image of magnified Clostridium Difficile.

Clostridium Difficile spores are sealed as protection to an aerobic environment. This protection is often called a biofilm although I have also seen the term biofilm used in different ways (e.g. like the stubborn, dirty marks that need to be cleaned away). C.Diff spores are able to survive for many months in an aerobic environment because of this sealed protection e.g. a hospital floor, and are resilient to many cleaning agents i.e. everything except chlorine bleach and possibly steam.

The common symptom of Clostridium Difficile infection is frequent, watery diarrhoea typically with about ten episodes a day. You can be fairly certain if there is also recent use of antibiotics. The infection can progress to damage the colon and many people die from complications like toxic megacolon, sepsis, pseudomembranous colitis, etc. The large intestine (colon) becomes damaged.

Warning: The last thing you want to do in the case of Clostridium Difficile Infection is use normal diarrhoea treatments like loperamide (Imodium). That can lead to nasty conditions like toxic megacolon.

I devised a treatment plan after being told that I had tested positive for C.Diff. It was either that or take yet more antibiotics that may not work. I wanted to attack C.Diff in many ways and it seems to have worked with huge success i.e. within 48 hours.

Image of Diatomaceous Earth

The treatment is Turmeric (Curcumin), Charcoal and Diatomaceous Earth. Turmeric is recognised as a powerful medicine for all sorts of things. Charcoal is typically used in cases of poisoning. It binds to many nasty substances and then ejects them from the body. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is hard silica in intricate shapes. DE is expected to damage the protective sheath around C.Diff spores and assist in ejection from the body. It is also expected to abrasively clean the inside of intestine walls dislodging C.Diff spores as well as other detritus. Make sure that it’s food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

I took huge doses of all three items. I used simple Turmeric powder from the grocers and stirred teaspoons of it into water. I bought 100 Charcoal tablets which I used in two and a half days. I used teaspoons of DE in water. I repeatedly took these and was cured in two days.

I also drank large quantities of brandy and nice foreign lager and consumed quite a bit of honey of an acceptable standard. NB Many honeys are known to have antibiotics in them – avoid Chinese and honeys from undisclosed sources.

12.50 edit: These 3 items are ridiculously cheap and typically regarded to be benign so there is no reason not to continue taking them. [ed: There are warnings that Charcoal can inhibit the action of drugs.] Please refer to this treatment regime as dizzy doctor.

ed: You could also progress to using Probiotics especially Saccharomyces Boulardii in an attempt to regain a healthy and protective gut flora.

Turmeric or Charcoal may work on their own. I found DE not to work on it’s own although it is useful to minimise the severe symptoms. Why not use them in combination if they work so well?

13/1/17 Modern medicine considers the absence of symptoms to be C.Diff infection (CDI) cured. It is accepted that the patient may still be colonized but shows no ill-effects. This treatment certainly achieves that very quickly. In my own case it appears that I should also address the additional burden of excessive drinking.

While I support the NHS, I do not have blind faith. The NHS is so vast that there are sure to be mistakes and bad practice. I am concerned that a GP prescribed Clindamycin – widely recognised as the worst antibiotic for causing CDI – and [ed: then] Clarithromycin shortly days after symptoms of very severe CDI. CDI – or at least what CDI develops into – is often fatal. I would say that GPs at my practice have ignorantly gambled with my life.

27/1/17 I think that this treatment is only managing the symptoms – there’s no repopulation of the guts with good bacterias & that may be difficult with the Charcoal tablets. I’ll be taking Kefir to accomplish that.

30/1/17 I think that I am properly over it now (although I am assuming that I am still colonised i.e. still have it without causing any health issues). No symptoms for two or three days and actually constipation. It took about three and a half or four weeks to get properly over it. I was over it before using the Kefir but expect to use the Kefir regularly.

6/2/17  Latest treatment recommendations.

The probiotic yeast S. Boulardii can dispatch C. Diff.

  1. Recognise C. Diff infection from about 10 episodes of very watery diarrhoea daily following a course of antibiotics.
  2. I found it difficult to source probiotics and even Charcoal from local pharmacists. Source your S. Boulardii.
  3. While waiting for the Boulardii, take Turmeric, Charcoal and Diatomaceous Earth as best you can. Turmeric powder is sourced from a grocer’s shop and will probably work on its own.
  4. At your own risk: Once the Boulardii is sourced, take huge doses e.g. 4 tablets, 5 times a day for two days. There are warnings about Boulardii should you have other health issues.
  5. Boulardii doses can be reduced but not stopped. Take a maintenance dose of probiotics or Kefir for months.

This treatment protocol should cure C.Diff in only a few days. There are published accounts of Boulardii working within days.

Enjoy good health ;)

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Coming soon …

Clostridium Difficile is a really nasty superbug that is defeating the medical profession. C.Diff is a normal part of many people microbiota (bugs in their guts) without causing any problems. It is also caught from medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. I bet the NHS will not warn you about the chance of catching it before e.g. an endoscopy.

Image of magnified Clostridium Difficile.

I had Clostridium Difficle for six months or so following four courses of antibiotics that failed to fix it’s target. It was severe, watery diarrhoea about ten times a day. After a false negative test result I told a doctor that I had no confidence that her practice could competently process a poo sample. After discussing how to avoid delays in getting it processed, the next sample was positive.

I am still very surprised by this! Contemporary medicine are routinely defeated by C.Diff with many people dying from it and many other severe consequences. The medical profession’s answer is yet more antibiotics which can fail. People die.

I was advised that I was C.Diff positive last Thursday afternoon and strongly urged to take a 14-day course of Metronidazole. Early Friday afternoon I put my own devised treatment regime into action. It’s 3 different attacks combined including one to attack the spores’ biofilm. I had a hard Herx effect on Saturday and on Sunday I was cured. I suppose I had better wait a little longer but it looks like I’ve succeeded where modern medicine fails miserably.

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From many years ago …

I’m not certain exactly when – probably 98 or 99, possibly earlier 96, 97

I think that it was my first website although I may have had one – with an animated UFO gif before. GCHQ and Theresa will know ;)

It was originally a free website. Geocites was later taken over by yahoo.

ed: I wonder if that was so threatening? I suppose it was.

ed: It was at that time, politically.

ed: I am in no way ashamed of that website. I said it. I wrote it. I was a lot younger then but I was correct. [I said correct instead of right

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I found that my first website was (mostly) archived a few days ago

Artwork by Lichty 1994. Caption reads "All hypotheses of political manipulation are reversible in an endless whirligig....."

Artwork by Lichty 1994. Caption reads “All hypotheses of political manipulation are reversible in an endless whirligig…..”

Possibly – or possibly not – one of the first blogs – I did have a diary there which is what blogs are about. It was a geocites website at Athens/Olympus/1833.  Try searching for “Deep DT” if you’re interested. I found it on tor, you should be able to find it otherwise.

“Altruism* and charity” was mine. I’m actually quite proud of that. It’s short and to the point.

I also had an animated UFO gif which is lost …

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about the one who went off to be a radio news presenter

This post is only up briefly.    [looks like not that briefly:}

I seem to repeatedly come back to my schooling years, probably with good reason. [ed:? because you’re abused, all abusers join in? If you weren’t abused, you would not tolerate it? They know that they can abuse you without anyone to protect you? It is that you’re vulnerable and that there will be no consequences.]. I attended an academically very good Comprehensive school where there were typically a few acceptances to Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge universities). That’s quite an achievement from the South Wales valleys. It was almost run like a public (UK oxymoron alert: public schools are private fee-paying schools in the UK) school and at least some of the teachers were from a public school tradition. It was widely accepted that that school provided a good education.

There is a tradition of extreme Christian bigots in Wales. I suffered abuse at that school because I insisted on my right not to be subjected to their Christian BS. I should not have been expected to defend myself against Christian bigots who are at least twice my age and had been educated at the best universities. Nor should I have been subjected to their abuse. Should I really have been expected to defend myself – in my early teens – against such skilled adversaries? ed: I was repeatedly punished on spurious grounds that typically involved punishment and revocation of breaks.

I’m not talking about physical or sexual abuse – although I was seriously physically assaulted without warning by two teacher cnuts there when I was thirteen but that was about something else. I’m talking about the abuse of having to defend myself intellectually against these nutters. I was not accepting their BS according to my legal rights. I should not be required to justify that or engage in any BS religious arguments. It is enough that I rejected their BS. I’m not taking your religious BS should have been enough.

To school students now: If you are physically assaulted by teachers, call the police. Dial 999 and report it.

The headmaster who fked off to be a radio news presenter. I don’t know if he was a religious nutter. I suffered extreme abuse from his deputy Pritchard-Jones who was a religious nutter because he was a religious nutter.

What the headmaster who fked off to be a radio news presenter did was attack me at assembly at my first day of sixth-form. He made clear that day that I was persona non gratis. Without A-levels, of course, you are **virtually** denied the opportunity of attending university and being middle-class. Off you go, you little shit.

slightly later edit: I am concerned that this happens regularly because my nephew has experienced similar treatment i.e. teacher cnuts driving him away from continuing his education.

19/12 Just noticed that I’ve misused the term oxymoron. Live and learn, eh?

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Please appreciate that many people not keen on Christians

The rest of the World has the impression that the US are mindless Christians.

That is they can’t think for themselves.

I suppose they also have the other faith that

US is wonderfuk

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Do you find virginity to be a strange, weird concept?

What about extra-virginity?

Isn’t that weird? How can someone be an extra-virgin?

OK, it describes oil. But how the fuck do you conceive while being virginal?

Oh that’s immaculate conception of course.

I’ll tell you what.

I’ve met a few big virgins.

Also, can we take Virgin out?

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Hmm I wonder

I wonder what is enough ???


well, not even and then …

from my perspective,

I suggest that it is

participating in the democratic process

The trouble is


B & Co

had +identified

that’s + identified

[ed: anyone that threatened him – just like a Fascist

and then what did he do? what would a Fascist do? Hmm, maybe request assassination?

2002 Bliar

and of course – he is so decipherable

Bliar wnaking over Bob Geldof and u2 .,

I suppose that you shouldn’t nweed a big car to imagine a fcking ridiculous tiny member magnification while killing thosands of unBelievers a day,

Listen, you f’ing twat – I know what you dont as well as loads of others. We read your Seldon bio twat


TB you’re an arse

I appreciate that may not be recognised as the intended insult

I need a proper insult for TB

Farrage was defined as being the smelly scum juice at the bottom of the bin probably especially from catering establishments .. you know that really nasty, sick siht that makes you want to vom


You are the …

all the evil nasties that infect hospitals (that you tried to abolish).

You are on the same level as E-COLI, Clostridium Difficile, Salmonella and all the other dirty fcking bstard nasties associated with siht.

later: Broadcasting for a UK citibject to be ? Well Tonee, there’s that expression “Hanging is too good for him”.

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Monochromism: Here’s how we show that we are anti-racist. We wear black and white hight contast

It’s Ska again. C’mon then. Let’s embrace monochromism – black and white. It’s Ska.

later. let’s wear monochrome. It’ll work.

later: If monochrome i.e. black and white high contrast is recognised as an anti-racist statement – although of course this is who [how] people dres[s] … then racists will have to dress differently to advertise their racism.

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Coming Soon :: a new series :: It’s time for some real reality then

Throwing the net wider.

Wider than Boris Johnson. How can I do Boris ‘the twat’ Johnson convention? Everyone knows that he’s a twat.

ed: There is a bit of a naming convention e.g. Tony “I’m a g[ed:p]retty straight kinda guy” Blair.


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!i marrieD A monsteR froM outeR-spacE

welL not actually marrieD

or froM outeR-spacE

buT aI IoveD heR

and skuD heR


[verY slightlY editeD}

alieN’s dU

(continuing baD potrY)

I married a monster from outer space

with green snot for lungs

and a green slimy trail left behind me

I couldn’t resist

That green slimy trail

Is fantasticall, magickall, absurd

That they watchjit so


back to the skenario

I loved her

Like an alieN

and I was a fooL


I didn’T


how great she was

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Reinstalling Debian woes

This is a geeky post which is unlikely to be interesting or even understandable to anyone other than those familiar with Debian Linux or similar systems.

I managed to trash my Debian system just recently. The /root partition was too small. I used gparted to increase it but made the mistake of gparted’ing the / EFI partition while increasing the size of the /root partition. My Debian system has been great for years and I’m out of practice installing Linux. My excuse – as poor as it is – is that / is traditionally the root partition. The Linux filesystem has changed and now there’s a /root partition and / is the /boot partition.

I tried to the repair the / EFI partition without success. The reEFI tools wouldn’t work for me. I reinstalled Debian many times while keeping my /home partition. I was using Debian install in expert mode.

I found that xfce4 was virtually useless after the Debian install. I suppose that it may be because I’m keeping my /home partition upsetting the settings. [2/11/16 I’ll try getting rid of anything relevant. [2/11 later. It was the previous config messing it up))  All applications are obscuring the start menu and the minimise, maximise, close window **adornments** are missing. Audio is simply not working after a Debian 8 install – what’s that about? It should just work, I tried fixing it but I shouldn’t have to. Debian used to install so well. It’s a 2011 A64 system [2/11/16 Amd64) , mainstream now and really should be no problem.

Years ago (95-05) gnome was fine if a bit heavy and slow. I can’t stand it now even in classic mode. The default gnome is unbearable. KDE is so slow and a real pain to achieve anything. Audio still not working. [2/11/16  soundcard not recognised appears to be a problem with Deb8 install. I tried to get hold of Deb7 install because it upgrades fine … )

[ed: After reinstalling Debian on one occasion apt was warning that installations were unverified. apt’s verification system was compromised.)

I then tried to netinstall Debian. I suppose this is the real reason of this post. Fetching a netinstall image from I noticed that I was downloading from another not site. I do anyway check integrity and the netinstall image sha256sum was wrong. I found it difficult to find the sha256sum on the Debian site which was a bit of a pain.

[ed: Were the spooks onto me?)

I’m likely to install OpenBSD as a desktop.

Simple security suggestions: Check integrity of install images, use long passwords, use a firewall, check what services are visible using nmap.

[4/11/16 Looks like audio was fine and not working due to a silly mistake by me.]

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I need to do a series on Israel and Palestine because that is so important in contemporary politics

An iron fist hides the shining star

The gun’s dark black shadow over Bethlehem

The shadow over the streets of Palestine are so dark

They build walls and shut roads

Despite this evil

There are those that know that the message is more that words

that from the darkness the lightness of the Dawn comes

that justice will bring the evil dark walls down

the hour will come for me to sing Halleluliah

There are people who see clearly, see the truth


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Computer Security: Why Yahoo email surveillance is a big deal

Reuters reported yesterday that Yahoo had actioned a secret dictate by a US security agency to search all it’s customers’ incoming emails.

A small excerpt of Reuters report


Yahoo in 2007 had fought a FISA demand that it conduct searches on specific email accounts without a court-approved warrant. Details of the case remain sealed, but a partially redacted published opinion showed Yahoo’s challenge was unsuccessful.

Some Yahoo employees were upset about the decision not to contest the more recent edict and thought the company could have prevailed, the sources said.

They were also upset that Mayer and Yahoo General Counsel Ron Bell did not involve the company’s security team in the process, instead asking Yahoo’s email engineers to write a program to siphon off messages containing the character string the spies sought and store them for remote retrieval, according to the sources.

The sources said the program was discovered by Yahoo’s security team in May 2015, within weeks of its installation. The security team initially thought hackers had broken in.

When Stamos found out that Mayer had authorized the program, he resigned as chief information security officer and told his subordinates that he had been left out of a decision that hurt users’ security, the sources said. Due to a programming flaw, he told them hackers could have accessed the stored emails.


A program was written to search emails “for character strings”.

Yahoo facilitated remote retrieval.

Yahoo’s security team were excluded from the process.

Yahoo’s security team discovered the program in May 2015.

“within weeks of it’s installation”.

Chief Information Security Officer Alex Stamos resigns claiming that he was excluded from a decision that hurts client security.

Stamos says that hackers could have accessed the stored emails due to a programming flaw.

Why it’s a big deal

I’m not at all surprised that Stamos was pissed off. His security team would have their systems watching their networks for the slightest hint that anyone was thinking about hacking them. They would be watching which processes were running and be continually confirming the integrity of their programs. And then his boss allowed the government to root (rootkit) his systems.

In simple terms, the backdoor (remote retrieval) and it’s traffic was hidden, the running process was hidden and file system integrity checking was bypassed to hide the new program. That’s serious shit needing changes to the running system. It needs a rootkit to make a system hide all those things and behave as normal while hiding the rootkit itself. It was Stamos’s job to prevent some evil hackers from installing rootkits and therefore owning his systems and his boss has gone and installed one behind his back – and it may have been an insecure one at that.

There is a problem that the security team can’t really know how long they were pwned once the system is controlled by a rootkit. A competent rootkiter would certainly be able to fix the security archive as it was written to hide it’s existence and activity. This raises further questions: How long were they owned? Was the earlier security breach of late 2014 related in some way? The earlier security breach is attributed to state-sponsored actors.

[Even more: Take for example file integrity checking. The classic example is tripwire. At intervals it will check the integrity of system files. It’s basically enumerating system files checking that there are not more or less without reason and checking the integrity of important files e.g. program that run, to make sure that they haven’t changed.

To list files on Unix, the command ‘ls’ is used. ‘ls -al’ also shows hidden files and their lengths. The action of the ‘ls’ and similar commands are changed so that rootkit files and the new spying program is hidden – everything needs to appear normal and unchanged. The new program and the rootkit hides from everything by altering the running system.]

6/10/16 8am update:

Later reports suggest that the spying / scanning program was integrated with a pre-existing programme scanning for child pornography, malware and spam. This presents a reasonable explanation so that the new program changes and consequent process (running programme) were part of normal development / evolution of systems.

It still leaves the issue of the backdoor (remote access). It appears that a choice is presented: either there is a rootkit hiding the backdoor and it’s traffic or the string being searched for is the security agency’s string allowing remote access. It’s difficult to hide that backdoor and overall I’d go with a rootkit.

A rootkit tends to support Yahoo’s useless security over the past few years and the fact that it took so long to realise i.e. their systems were owned.

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The Nonsense of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

Dr. Ian Fairlie

The Nonsense of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

Many readers will have seen the interesting Panorama programme on the poor safety
record at Sellafield broadcast on BBC 1 on September 5
The BBC press release stated this was a special investigation into the shocking state of
Britain’s most hazardous nuclear plant…” and it certainly was. Perhaps the most important
of several whistleblower revelations was that the previous US managers had been shocked
at the state of the plant when they took over its running in 2008.
Although the programme producers are to be congratulated for tackling the subject, it was
only 30 minutes long and tells only a small part of the whole sorry story.
This article tries to give more background information, and importantly, more analysis and
explanation. The full story would require several books and would be painful reading.

What is reprocessing?

Reprocessing is the name given to the physico-chemical treatment of spent nuclear fuel
carried on at Sellafield in Cumbria since the 1950s. This involves the stripping of metal
cladding from spent nuclear fuel assemblies, dissolving the inner uranium fuel in boiling
concentrated nitric acid, chemically separating out the uranium and plutonium isotopes and
storing the remaining dissolved fission products in large storage tanks.
It is a dirty, dangerous, unhealthy, polluting, expensive process which results high radiation
doses to the ~9,000 workers employed at Sellafield.

Environmental consequences

The Sellafield plant is host to several hundred radioactive waste streams and processes
which result in large discharges of radioactive liquids to sea and emissions of radioactive
gases and aerosols to the atmosphere. Raised levels of childhood leukemias in some villages
nearby are considered to be linked to the inhalation and ingestion of these radionuclides.
Sellafield, and a similar plant in La Hague France, continue to be, by some margin, the
largest sources of radioactive pollution in the world. For example, the Irish Sea is the most
radioactively polluted sea in the world with about half a tonne of plutonium sitting on its
seabed from reprocessing.
The collective doses to the world’s population from the long-lived gaseous nuclides C-14,
and I-129, and from medium-lived Kr-85 and H-3 (tritium) emitted at Sellafield are huge and
are estimated by radiation biologists to cause tens of thousands of early deaths throughout
the world.
Another result is the 140 tonnes of unneeded, highly radiotoxic, plutonium (Pu) stored on
site at a cost of £50 million a year. Pu is fissile and, in the wrong hands, this amount could
be made into ~20,000 warheads, ie it is a serious nuclear proliferation danger.

The Liquid Waste Tanks

Shitty open-air pond at Sellafield nuclear waste dump containing spent nuclear fuel rods.

Shitty open-air pond at Sellafield nuclear waste dump containing spent nuclear fuel rods.

Not discussed in the BBC programme, but perhaps most serious of all, are the ~20 large
holding tanks at Sellafield containing thousands of litres of extremely radiotoxic fission
products, including long-lived Cs-137and Sr-90. Discussing these tanks, the previous
management consortium Nuclear Management Partners stated in 2012 “there is a mass of
very hazardous (nuclear) waste onsite in storage conditions that are extraordinarily
vulnerable, and in facilities that are well past their designated life”.
The National Audit Office (NAO) stated these tanks pose “significant risks to people and the
environment”. One official review concluded that, at worst, an explosive release from the
tanks could kill two million Britons and require the evacuation of an area reaching from
Glasgow to Liverpool. These dangerous tanks have also been the subject of complaints from
Ireland and Norway who fear their countries could be contaminated if explosions or fires
were to occur.


Lets not mince words, the practice of reprocessing at Sellafield has been and remains a
monumental national disgrace.
Another seabird in one of Sellafield nuclear dump's open-air ponds.

Another seabird in one of Sellafield nuclear dump’s open-air ponds.

The shocking state of the Sellafield nuclear shitehole

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I am not a member of the Labour Party or the Momentum organisation. I am an independent blogger and that’s it.

Complaints of anti-Corbynism are accepted in the comments.


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Wales can object to Hinkley Point C because they were not adequately consulted. All and everyone who can should object to HP3.

I encourage any and everyone and anyone with a legitimate objection to Hinley Point C to pursue that objection.

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I watched that Panorama program about Sellafield last night :: This is draft

I got the impression that the people supposedly in charge were far too relaxed and too fast to excuse anything and everything, that the people in charge of Sellafield were not taking it all seriously.

Isn’t that the impression you got? Oh radioactive half life of Plutonium Pu-239 of 24,100 years. We’ll just put it in this pond here, forget and ignore it and let seagulls

I got the impression that they had no idea about anything – that they were totally inept. they were treating it like it was nothing. Oh yes, no need to worry that we have got this serious radioactive waste which we have ignored for the past 60 years. There’s no need to worry about that we put it in water in these concrete ponds that are falling to bits.

ed: Sellafield is a nuclear waste shithole


Sellafield needs urgent inspections. Please get in there urgently. International, EU inspectors?

ed: I intend to do an article on the Radioactive Pollution of Irish Sea which is largely due to Sellafield.

16/9/16: it has been announced that Theresa May’s Conservative government are going for Sellafield C in partnership with EDF and China.

I intend to further investigate and publish on Sellafield’s irrsponsible and fantastically negligent actions of pollution of the Irish Sea and their ridiculous shite pools.

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The shocking state of the Sellafield nuclear shitehole

Sellafield – originally called Windscale but the name was changed as a PR stunt after the 1957 Windscale fire – was built initially as a plant producing plutonium to build the UK’s first nuclear bombs. Political pressures dictated that the plutonium was produced quickly … so that the UK would have nuclear bombs sooner. Everything was secondary to producing the plutonium quickly. There’s also the issue that there was very little experience or expertise in running nuclear reactors – it had only been done in the States at that time. UK and USSR were desperate to catch up.

The Sellafield site is a huge sprawling mess of past endeavours. It is now a nuclear shitehole having accumulated foreign as well as UK’s nuclear waste extremely poorly stored and mismanaged. Sellafield is a filthy nuclear waste site that dumps thousands of litres of radioactive waste into the Irish Sea daily.

Central to Sellafield’s crap storage of nuclear waste are vast open-air storage ponds 5 or 6 metres deep. There is nothing high-tech about these ponds – they are simply rotting concrete ponds dating from the 50s containing water and highly radioactive waste open to the elements. There are accounts of flocks of seagulls, sparrows and other birds spreading this radioactivity since there is no way of preventing them.

Since Sellafield’s workers sign the Official Secrets Act, we rely on whistle-blowers for inside information. A whistle-blower leaked photos of the shocking ponds to the Ecologist magazine in 2014. [These photos are actually taken from the Guardian].

Shitty open-air pond at Sellafield nuclear waste dump containing spent nuclear fuel rods. Notice the seabird on the surface getting a dose of radiation to spread far and wide.

Shitty open-air pond at Sellafield nuclear waste dump containing spent nuclear fuel rods. Notice the seabird on the surface getting a dose of radiation to spread far and wide.

Weeds growing around derelict machinery at Sellafield nuclear waste dump.

Weeds growing around derelict machinery at Sellafield nuclear waste dump.

Another seabird in one of Sellafield nuclear dump's open-air ponds.

Another seabird in one of Sellafield nuclear dump’s open-air ponds.

The Ecologist says

The images … from an anonymous source, show the state of spent nuclear fuel storage ponds that were commissioned in 1952, and used until the mid-1970’s as short term storage for spent fuel until it could be re-processed, producing plutonium for military use. However they were completely abandoned in the mid-1970s and have been left derelict for almost 40 years.

NOTE: The full set of original leaked photos is now placed in the public domain, available here.

The photographs show cracked concrete tanks holding water contaminated with high levels of radiation, seagulls bathing on the water, broken equipment, a dangerous mess of discarded items on elevated walkways, and weeds growing around the tanks.

The fuel storage ponds, the largest measuring 20m wide, 150m long and 6m deep, are now completely packed with spent fuel in disastrously poor condition.

If the ponds drain, the spent fuel may spontaneously ignite

The ponds are now undergoing decommissioning in order to restore them to safe condition. But the process is fraught with danger – and nuclear expert John Large warns that massive and uncontrolled radioactive releases to the environment could occur.

“This pond is build above ground”, he said. “It’s like an concrete dock full of water. But the concrete is in dreadful condition, degraded and fractured, and if the ponds drain, the Magnox fuel will ignite and that would lead to a massive release of radioactive material.

“Looking at the photos I am very disturbed at the degraded and run down condition of the structures and support services. In my opinion there is a significant risk that the system could fail.”

“If you got a breach of the wall by accident or by terrorist attack, the Magnox fuel would burn. I would say there’s many hundreds of tonnes in there. It could give rise to a very big radioactive release. It’s not for me to make comparisons with Chernobyl or Fukushima, but it could certainly cause serious contamination over a wide area and for a very long time.”

New Scientist: Shocking state of world’s riskiest nuclear waste site

URGENT clean-up of two of the world’s most dangerous radioactive waste stores will be delayed by at least five years, despite growing safety fears.

The waste is stored at the UK’s Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site, which holds radioactive waste dating back to the dawn of the nuclear age. An accident at the derelict site could release radioactive materials into the air over the UK and beyond.

Last week, the UK government sacked the private consortium running the £80-billion-programme to clean up Sellafield, and gave the job back to its own agency, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The clean-up operation, scheduled to end by 2120, costs the government £1.9 billion a year.

The private consortium, Nuclear Management Partners, was meant to “bring in world-class expertise” and allow the government to “get to grips with the legacy after decades of inaction”, according to a 2008 statement by Mike O’Brien, energy minister at the time. But six years on, the privatisation experiment has been abandoned.

The surprise renationalisation comes after delays at two of the four waste stores prioritised for clean-up. The four ponds and silos contain hundreds of tonnes of highly radioactive material from more than 60 years of operations. The decaying structures are cracking, leaking waste into the soil, and are at risk of explosions from gases created by corrosion.



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